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Our mission is simple – To make people happy with plants. There is a distinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. It’s called biophilia, and it is an innate urge to affiliate with other forms of life. Literally, biophilia means “love of life or living systems”. In a small way, be believe that we enhance the bond between people and plants; all kinds of plants - indoors and out, small and large, green and colorful. Developing and enhancing this bond, between people and our oxygen-producing friends, is at the heart of our mission. In the pursuit of our mission, we have developed service and delivery programs for plants of all sizes, types, and adaptations.

Office Plants

We believe that live office plants can brighten office spaces and offer many health benefits, which can make a world of difference to the overall work environment. The biophilic properties of office plants have been proven to alleviate stress, inspire productivity, and create a more healthful work atmosphere. We have a tremendous selection of plants – images of these are available in our catalog. Our design team meets with you, surveys your office environment, and even consults with your interior designer to ensure that the best plants are strategically placed to meet your goals (and make you happy). We pair the best plants with decorative planters in a color and style that fits your workspace. After a plant placement plan is approved, we expertly install your office plants with a simple promise – if we have specified something that you don’t like, we exchange it for something that you will. All our plants are installed and configured with sub-irrigation systems to ensure the most effective and efficient utilization of scarce water resources. The planters are polished, and plants are topdressed to provide the finishing touch (for more happiness). Once installed, the plant service phase of the project begins.  Our team of plant enthusiasts makes regular visits to your office to keep the plants in top shape and deliver scheduled bromeliads or orchids. Occasionally, a plant will succumb to its interior surroundings and become less than happy, and that is when we order and install a replacement plant at no additional cost – it’s part of the program. Until recently, our plants lived on the floors, desks, and cabinets of our customers. Now, they are starting to defy gravity and live on walls. Plant walls, also known as green walls and vertical plantings, are a great way to add lush greenery to your décor – even if you have run out of floor space. They are an emerging trend that can enhance the presence of your business both inside and out. Much like traditional office plants, plant walls improve the overall indoor air quality and eliminate toxins. Plant walls can also be used as an innovative way to brand your company by incorporating your business logo. Additionally, they also act as a natural noise reducer, as plants block high-frequency sound waves and the support structure reduces low-frequency noises.

Plant Rental and Wedding Plants

Sometimes plants are just the right touch for a special event – to bring even more happiness to wedding reception, milestone party, or a luncheon. That’s where our inventory of event rental plants can be put to best use. We have trees and palms for any occasion. To add brightness, they can even be lit up with mini lights or up-lighting. We start by understanding your event and the venue, and work within your budget. We provide a comprehensive proposal showing all costs associated with the program. Once you approve the program, delivery times are set and you can forget about it. Our professionals will install your plants, configure any lighting, and return after the event to whisk the plants back to our greenhouses. Weddings are very special events and we know how stressful your wedding day can be, so we have a dedicated team of plant experts available to help you select the perfect wedding plants. PLANTZ will take care of all of the wedding plant details, coordinate a timeline, set up the plants, and even ensure that they stay vibrant and fresh throughout the entire event. Plants in these surroundings help to create a healthful environment and add a boost of lively touches to the overall party theme.

Landscape Maintenance Services

We are your one-call resource to keep your landscape performing at its peak. Our service package includes traditional lawn maintenance services (mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing), irrigation system maintenance, and application of pesticides and fertilizers – everything you need to make the best first impression for prospective customers of your business or guests to your home, and make you proud and happy. By packaging lawn maintenance, irrigation system maintenance, and pest control and nutrition in a single program offering, we set up a scenario where there’s no finger pointing amongst service providers. If there is an issue with a hedge, a palm, or an expanse of turf, our team delivers the proper resources to your property in precisely the right season. If your landscape is looking a bit tired, we provide enhancement services for landscape redesign and installation to wake it up. We offer before-and-after digital imaging services so that you can see what the finished product will look like before you approve the package. We deliver all services for a beautifully maintained landscape producing first impressions and curb appeal that are sure to make you happy.