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Oct 13, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Dracaena Elegance Cane (Dracaena deremensis)

All plant lovers are not necessarily equipped with a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t interior plants out there that will tolerate forgetful waterers and plant parents with a lack of understanding as to just how bright “bright light” should be. If you’re new to the houseplant life or have been unsuccessful in […]

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Sep 14, 2022

How Plantz Improve Overall Wellness

Many people don’t understand that plants are more than just a decoration. Biophilia is becoming a way humans connect to the natural environments that surround us everywhere we go. With natural colors, textures, lighting, and forms, biophilia gives us direct relationships with nature. What is amazing about biophilic design is that these types of relationships […]

Types of plants in florida
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Aug 23, 2022

Steve Stanford Earns Florida Certified Horticulture Professional

PLANTZ president, Steve Stanford, has earned certification with the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association (FNGLA) as a Florida Certified Horticulture Professional.  The FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) program is the industry’s only standard for measuring horticulture knowledge on everything from plant and pest identification to landscape management. The certification is designed for those working […]

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Jul 26, 2022

Unique Ways to Incorporate Biophilic Design into Your Modern Office

It is well documented that including plants in our daily life improves our health and happiness.  From increasing brain function to cleaning the air and improving general psychological well-being, biophilia simply makes life better.  This is true for the workplace as well.  Including plants or mimicking naturally occurring spaces like caves or stepping stones, has […]

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Jul 12, 2022

5 Ways to Maximize Biophilic Design in the Workplace

After two years of employees working from home, many businesses are seeking to merge the comforts of remote working with the camaraderie of in-person office structures.  Over the last few years, as the world managed its way through the unknown, business owners and managers saw improved productivity from its employees, primarily based on being able […]

Office Room
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Jun 3, 2022

How to Incorporate Plants Into Your Office Space:

Incorporating biophilic design into the work environment can bring many benefits that people aren’t aware of. Some offices can be dull and gloomy, which also affects morale. Would you believe us if we told you that plants can change this whole situation? Would you think we were crazy if we told you that biophilia can […]

Rest Area
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May 17, 2022

Future Farmers of America Floriculture, Nursery, and Landscape Competition

Sponsored by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA), the advocacy group for Florida’s $31.4 billion industry, high school and middle school students participated today in the annual Future Farmers of America Floriculture, Nursery, and Landscape competition at the FFA Leadership Training Center in Haines City, Florida. Teams from around the state were challenged […]

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Apr 18, 2022

Office Plants: Cleaning your Air, Bringing the Outdoors In

Most of us spend thousands of hours a year at work, sitting at our desks in our offices for what adds up to days on end. During these hours we’re breathing in what is all too often stale, stagnant indoor air. Plants do a fantastic job of making an environment feel more natural and welcoming, […]

Sansevieria and Fiddle Leaf Fig in open lobby
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Feb 14, 2022

Abdominal Transplant Center in Austin, TX

Our friends at the Abdominal Transplant Center in Austin, TX, asked us to help them beautify their clinic space. Here’s the result. We’re thrilled with how much life has come into the space and how our green friends are able to brighten the room.   

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Jan 24, 2022

Tropical Plant International Expo in Tampa – Bromeliads

The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) is in full swing at the Tampa Convention Center with plant suppliers from around Florida and the world converging.  TPIE offers a unique opportunity for sellers and buyers to interact and develop new strategies for getting beautiful tropical plants closer to people.  PLANTZ delivers and installs thousands of colorful bromeliads each […]

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Dec 14, 2021

Tampa’s Moss Man

When iConstructors of Tampa needed the final “green” touches for an extensive lobby renovation at the downtown Tampa premier Tampa City Center, they turned to PLANTZ and our own “moss man” Keith Lindquist. “Vertical moss presentations were an integral part of the architect’s vision for the renovation,” said Mark Cooper LEED AP and Vice President […]

Wall Plants Image Click
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Jul 2, 2021

Go Boltz – and Let Lightning Strike Twice!  

 The PLANTZ team is geared up to support the Tampa Bay Lightning’s repeat quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Nothing like some home team pride to get you fired up for an awesome Independence Day weekend! 

2021 Team Lightning PLANTZ
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