16 Signs That Your Plants Are Dying of Thirst


Photo © Kevin DooleyYou have seen it before… the house at the end of the street that looks like it has been shipped straight from the desert. In between the two luscious, green landscaped yards is an arid wasteland of failed rose bushes and patches of St. Augustine that for some reason has always been the color brown.

Let’s face it, we all have forgotten to water every now and then, so to avoid having your home being labeled “that house,” here are some of the classic signs that you may need to water your plants.

  1. If you are getting thirsty by just looking at the plants around your home, odds are, so are they.
  2. When lately you are trying to decorate around the color brown.
  3. Your garden could easily create a brush fire if a slight breeze wafts through.
  4. You can tell each leaf is fighting for the last bit of wet soil. Only the strong survive.
  5. If you don’t even know how to use a watering can correctly, your plants could be dying of thirst.
  6. The ferns of your Saigo Palm look like perfect kindling for a camp fire.
  7. Dust, instead of water, comes out of your garden hose.
  8. If brushing up against the Ficus in your office can start a friction fire.
  9. When your Peace Lilies look more like Despair Lilies.
  10. Your dog has a difficult time looking for a spot to use the bathroom because nothing looks like grass.
  11. Your coworker throws out your hanging vine plant mistaking it for a pot of cobwebs.
  12. If it looks like you are growing a pot of dirt rather than a plant. It might be too late for that one, but remember to water next time.
  13. You can’t even remember when you had a plant sitting in the corner of your office.
  14. When even the weeds don’t want to grow, your plants might need a little spritzing here and there.
  15. Your front yard looks like a set of an old Western film. Tumbleweeds and all.
  16. A last but not least, if even bushes outside look like they fell asleep at the beach, it is time to water your plant.

Forgetting to water your plant happens from time to time. But having your yard and garden add itself to one Earth’s natural deserts is a little extreme. Keep an eye out for your plants; if you are feeling a bit hot during the day, offer them a drink, too. Or, if you aren’t feeling too confident in your reliability as a plant caregiver, the experts at PLANTZ are always ready to help you out! Give us a call so we can help quench that thirst!