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4 Indoor Plants That Are a Little Finicky

Jul 27, 2015


Gardening and even maintaining indoor plants can be a difficult task even with easy to handle plants. Remembering to water them, figuring out if they can thrive indoors with low light conditions, and pruning certain plants can definitely add to the work plant lovers must endure.

Some plants though, are little more, shall we say, sensitive and deserve a little more attention. While these plants are a little more work they are definitely worth having in the office, or around your home. Here’s a few indoor plants that are little more finicky than you would expect.wilting-leaf

Plants That Can Have an Attitude

Elephant Ear

This plant is definitely a good looking one with its wide leaves of dark green, but they will wilt and brown quicker than you realize if you do not follow the specifics that it requires.

The Elephant Ear is a great candidate for an office plant or a houseplant because it brings some uniqueness, but it does need high humidity. You can see these grow great outside, especially in Florida, but if the indoor locale that you have chosen is even a little bit dry they will certainly brown and spider mites will become a problem.

Stronmanthe Sanguinea

Also called the Tricolor for the colorations on its leaves, (reds, whites, and greens) it is about as temperamental as it is beautiful. This is another indoor plant that needs a lot of humidity to keep it from turning brown and looking disgusting.

Often times you might have to use a sponge to keep the leaves moist or they will curl up and crack from being too dry. Average indoor temperatures around 78 degrees are ideal, but do not place them near a vent or a door so that it does not catch the draft. The humidity and climate must stay consistent for it to survive.


Despite being one of the most popular flowering plants, azaleas are not void of specific requirements that are crucial for them to live. This specific houseplant actually likes it cooler than the few before it. This can be a problem for Florida homeowners. If a room or an area is too hot then the beautiful leaves can fall out or not produce at all.

Azaleas can do well indoors, but be careful of the winter months; your heater can cause it to die. Moving it outside during winter months, if it is not too cold, might be a good idea.


This plant comes in various shades and colors, which is what gives them its appeal. Their leaves grow upright and show off an array of colors like purples and red. Unfortunately, they tend to be a little finicky.

Calathea need shade, but they also need light, so be careful not to place them in a strong noon sun or their colors will fade. Humidity is a must and so is keeping its soil watered during the spring and summer, but a little drier during the fall and winter months.

Sometimes keeping up with your indoor plants can be a little troublesome; especially when you want all of the benefits of interior plants, but not the hassle of the upkeep. Find out how to get plants and the services we offer for plant maintenance and give us a call at 866-752-6899 for a free quote today.

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