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5 Reasons You Need an Office Plant Service

Feb 15, 2023

Plants are wondrous living things that make the world a brighter and happier place.  Of course, they belong in all spaces, inside/outside, home/business, and on walls/in planters.  Nowadays, as workers leave the comforts of remote work and move back to the office, tensions are on the rise due to traffic jams, argumentative co-workers, finicky clients, and pressure from higher ups.  What better way is there to bring peace to the office than with plants? Not convinced?  Here are five ways plants will make both owners and employees lives better: 

Plants increase productivity 

Are you noticing an increase in your employees yawning or sitting with their head in their hands not doing any work?  Add some plants to their space.  Connecting with nature lowers blood pressure and reduces fatigue.  Whether it’s through their vibrant colors of simply from the extra oxygen in the office, bringing nature into the office with keep your employees alert and ready to work.  Lessened procrastination is also a proven side effect of having plants strategically placed throughout the office.   

Plants reduce stress in the workplace 

Transitioning from a work at home scenario to an office building can be stressful.  The peace and comfort of working from home has now been replaced with ringing telephones, numerous email notifications, yelling coworkers, and frustrated bosses.  Incorporating plants into an office space has been known to lower tension and reduce anxiety in the workplace, improving the overall well-being of employees. 

Make the workplace more attractive to job applicants 

Incorporating plants into your office décor is not only beneficial to current employees, but it is also a great way to attract quality applicants.  A beautifully designed space that includes living plants is a great way to impress upon candidates that their welfare matters to you.  As prospective employees come in for interviews, word will spread about how luxurious and peaceful your professional space is, which will help bring in high quality prospective employees.  As those candidates absorb the effects of a living wall in reception or a thriving fiddle leaf fig in the conference room and feel the buzz of a vibrant, happy workplace, they will strive to become part of your team. 

Plants reduce noise levels 

Plants are not only beneficial to office spaces for stress reduction and beautification, they also act as noise reducers.  With office space populations growing, noise is again becoming a factor in the workplace.  From chattering coworkers to telephone calls with client, the background noise in an office can often be distracting.  Adding certain plants to your office will actually help keep the noise levels down as the plants absorb the soundwaves, reducing noisy distractions.  Cities have been using trees and other greenery to curb noise pollution from busy highways for years. 

Plants boost creativity 

What happens when stress levels are down, productivity is higher, and there is more oxygen in the air?  People are happier and creative juices begin to flow.  A convenient way to help boost creativity is through the incorporation of plants in the office space.  Happy workers who aren’t tired, stressed, or sick make for more productive creative brainstorming sessions. 

How to set up a plant office service today! 

PLANTZ wants to see your business thrive with happy employees.  Connect with our design team to develop a plan to create your zen-like office space.  Our team is ready to work with your interior designers to develop your vision and create your perfect green space.  There is no need to worry about watering, fertilizing, pruning, or pests.  All of those services are wrapped up in a monthly fee, which also includes a warranty on those plants, and are handled by our expert plant technicians.  Contact us today to see how your office will improve with the addition of plants! 


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