bartaco is Open in Hyde Park – With PLANTZ

PLANTZ was selected to provide the interior plantings for the much-anticipated opening of bartaco in Old Hyde Park Village in Tampa.

“After meeting Sasa Mahr-Batuz, the owner and creative director, we put together a planting program to match their theme and concept”, said Steve Stanford of PLANTZ. “They have demanding requirements, and we used a combination of foliage plants, a wide variety of succulents, and some bromeliads for an organic, beachy, earthy feel – you know what I mean?”

Bartaco is a growing restaurant concept that opened its 8th location in Tampa last evening. Sporting a minimalistic décor, the space features high ceilings, expansive windows, painted clapboard walls, and fig trees making it the perfect place to enjoy upscale street food with a coastal vibe. The menu features flavors and tastes rooted in Mexican tradition, but pulls from a broad palate of bold, spicy flavors from Asia, the Mediterranean and beyond. Experience the newest addition to the Tampa food scene and visit bartaco at 1601 West Snow Ave, Tampa, FL 33606.

PLANTZ specializes in developing plant programs to enhance any interior environment – even hip, beachy, cool new restaurants. Call us today, and we’ll put some green in your scene – like bartaco.

PLANTZ installation team of Jason Deal, Stuart Brannan, and Steve Stanford pose over the succulent display that greets bartaco visitors at the front door.

To view more pictures of our plants at bartaco, visit our gallery.