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Benefits of Plant Rental Services

Feb 23, 2023

Plants make life better, especially at work.  It’s not uncommon for office spaces to be filled with tension, fueled by extreme stress, overwhelming anxiety, and high levels of pressure.  Thanks to PLANTZ there is an easy and convenient way for business owners to beautify a workspace with plants.  PLANTZ lets businesses rent plants.  PLANTZ’ plant rental service brings happiness into the office with no added pressure on the business owner.

Plants Help Productivity

 A successful business operates through the efforts of its employees.  If worker productivity is down, then the odds are good that profits are down too.  Did you know that plants help keep workers productive?  Simply having plants near employees while they work reduces stress and fatigue, lessens anxiety, lowers blood pressure and makes everything a little more peaceful.  Plants are also well-known air purifiers, adept at filtering out a wide variety of allergens in the air and increasing oxygen levels in rooms through photosynthesis.   Imagine effortlessly reducing employees’ needs for sick days and mental health days purely by incorporating plants into your office.  Ramp up production through PLANTZ’ plant rental service!

Plant Rentals Help Combat Changes in Attitudes in Winter Months

 Winter is a challenging season.  From the post-holiday blues to frigid temperatures and a lack of sunlight, many employees find themselves in the grips of seasonal depression.  Surprise your employees this year by renting plants for your office space from PLANTZ.  Having plants in the office helps employees relax and take deeper breaths which helps minimize stress.  From their vibrant and variant green hues to the extra oxygen in the air in whatever room they are present, plants perk people up, providing some reprieve from the cold, gray days of winter.

Brighten up Your Space

Let PLANTZ brighten up your office space this year by signing on for plant maintenance service.    Give your employees the healthy workplace they deserve and spread the joy of a new year with the inclusion of nature in your professional location.  From potted plants to living walls and rooftop container gardens, PLANTZ has viable options for your vision.  They will package the plants, all planters, service and maintenance of the plants (including watering), and a warranty into one monthly fee. 

  1. Why rent plants? Many business owners want to reap the rewards of having plants in the office without worrying about them being permanent and staying alive. Renting plants takes all of the responsibility off of the business owner and places it in the plant loving arms of PLANTZ’ techs.
  2. If I rent plants from PLANTZ, how often do the plant techs come to service the plants? On average, the interval is around 14 days.  This is entirely dependent on the specific plants chosen for the location.
  3. What is included in the service? PLANTZ’s techs regularly water, prune, fertilize, and clean the plants during their visits. Prior to delivering the plants, they are treated for pests, making them a non-issue in the office.  Plants that are not thriving in the office will be replaced with new plants at no additional cost.
  4. How do I get started?  The first step is a simple one.  Contact PLANTZ by phone, via email, or through the online form.  Choose whichever path is easiest for you.  Then a design specialist will reach out to you to set up a time to look over the location and work with you and your interior designers to create a personalized plan that is the ideal fit for your office.
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