How to Brand Your Company with Plant Walls

Did you know that it’s possible to design your logo into a wall of plants?

plant-wall-plantz-for-digalign-officePLANTZ is now installing plant walls that are designed as the company logo into office lobbies all around Tampa Bay.  There is no better way to brand your company as being “eco-friendly” than with a Plant Wall by PLANTZ.

Plant Walls are the new, cutting-edge way to brand your company while making a dramatic statement inside and/or outside your office building. Plant Walls can also increase property values of commercial buildings by up to 20%, absorb and clean pollutants from the air and enhance the beauty of your office or building.

Plant Walls are suitable for any space including:

  • Commercial buildings and office areas
  • Event entrances
  • Public parks and buildings
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Weddings

In addition to showing that your company is environmentally friendly, it is an opportunity to go beyond the traditional branding strategy and connect emotionally with your employees and customers. Your competitors will envy your creativity and your customers will admire your innovativeness. Marketing and branding these days have become very visual and there is no better way display your company’s individuality and increase your brand awareness.