Can You Grow Plants Without Natural Light?

One question we are frequently asked is if it is possible to keep indoor plants alive in a space that has very little natural light. We have heard that some have found that they can be successful while growing indoors when they use certain types of artificial lighting. Apparently, the proper bulb for plant growth is one that mimics daylight with blue tones and the highest possible lumens/wattage that you can find.

While we can’t definitively say that this is a foolproof way to get around working in a dimmer space, we can suggest an alternative. Simply choose plants that are able to survive and thrive in low-light conditions! At PLANTZ, we offer a variety of plants that survive in both bright, sunny spaces and darker areas that need a bit of greenery.

Check out a few of our favorite plants that will live in low-light conditions in both offices and homes:

  • Sansevieria – Known also as the Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, the Sansevieria is commonly found in interior plantscapes as they are nearly indestructible and will continue to thrive in low-light with impressive longevity. Their many nicknames stem from the plant’s rather unusual long, pointed leaves that stand straight up in their container.
  • ZZ Plant – ZZ Plants are gorgeous, easy to care for, and tough. They tolerate low-light conditions very well, although they may grow a bit slower than they would otherwise, but they will hang on. The leaves of the ZZ Plant are what make them a customer favorite as they are shiny all on their own. Their shiny leaves actually cause many people to think they are actually fake plants!
  • Pothos – Arguably one of the easiest office plants to grow, the Pothos is a long-growing, leafy vine that has been known to grow as long as 40-feet when left to its own devices in the tropical jungle. When kept in a container in the modern urban jungle, you can expect them to stay within 6 to 10 feet long. They are able to retain their colorful variegation in low-light conditions, making them a favorite for office spaces.
  • Metallica Palm – These tough, resilient palms are ideal for office environments as prefer lower light conditions. (It is actually recommended that they are not kept in direct sunlight.) The Metallica Palm features large, dark blue-green leaves with a metallic sheen and a fishtail shape. Their unique variegation makes them a beautiful and interesting addition to any indoor space.

Would you like to liven up your office even though you don’t have much natural light? The plant experts at PLANTZ are available to help you choose the perfect office plants for your workspace. Contact us here today!