What Your Choice in Office Plants Say About You


office-plant-personality-blogEveryone has character and everyone has their own specific personality. There is nothing wrong with that; it is how we demonstrate our individuality. Interesting thing is, everybody else can clearly see that too, especially if your cubicle is overflowing with DC Comics or Aloe Vera plants and ferns.

Now granted, there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about a love for a certain thing that you wish to show to the rest of your office, but perhaps your cubicle mate is a Marvel fan or does not want their office looking like it belongs in Jurassic Park…

We often wish to show our personality off even at work, so here’s what your office plant says about you.

All Greens

You are the “Traditionalist.” You like everything to go exactly according to plan. And that goes for the décor of your office. You were told decorating your cubicle with a variety of office plants is totally acceptable and even encouraged, but you do not want to call attention to yourself. Which is totally fine.

The Janet Craig and Pothos teem your cubicle walls to add that extra something you are looking for. You want to fit in, but you want to stay out of the limelight and just add your piece to the overall scenery of the office.

Bright Colors

The “Employee of the Month” personality. You have priorities in check and your life is pretty great, and you are confident enough for others to look. You line your desk with a hedge of colorful Crotons or add elegance with an array of different Orchids to totally bring the attention to your cubicle. You do not mind if you are the center of attention, and honestly, I’m even a little jealous of how together your life is…

No Plants

The “Stick in the Mud” personality. You tend to just come to work and leave once the job is done. Where part of that mentality can be admired, you can sometimes be seen as a “Party Pooper” or a “Stick in the Mud”.

You say you get itchy if you are positioned close to plants for extended periods of time, or you say having office plants add clutter to an already perfectly organized desktop. WELL, you didn’t say you couldn’t hang a toxin removing Peace Lilly over your cubicle either. Look, problem solved.

Weird and Scary

The “Out-of-the-Box” personality. You are just trying to embrace your inner goth kid. You want to freak out your coworkers which can be harmless fun, or the perfect deterrent to keep nosy fellow employees away from your desk.

You’ll want plants like the Venus Fly Trap, which eat living things, (use that to scare your coworkers). Or go with easy to handle office plants like the Sansevieria and the Medusa’s Head Plant. Combine these two scary snake like plants to make it look like you are growing slithering reptiles in your cubicle. If you wanted to be seen as something out-of-the-box, you definitely obtained that.

Let your individuality shine with office plants that suit you. Contact us today and we will find the perfect plant for your personality.