Choosing Indoor Plants: There’s an App for That

By now, we all know the amazing powers that plants possess and the many benefits that they offer when placed indoors. They can reduce sick days in offices, boost employee morale, and act as natural indoor air filters. You can read more about their benefits in one of our recent blogs.

Indoor Plants AppIn India, one Indian Institute of Technology graduate, Ranuak Singhi, has actually taken their benefits to a new and more tailored level. He has developed a unique mobile app that will help the people of New Dehli (and other cities in the future) tackle the terribly high levels of pollution in the city air with indoor plants. This technology is based on the ability of certain indoor plants to be more effective at removing specific chemicals than others.

After the initial download of the mobile application, users will fill out a few brief questions about their location, including their address and location, proximity to factories, roads, and drains. A “pollution profile” is then created for the user based on the answers they give. The app, named “Shelli,” will then suggest the best types of plants to place and grow in their home.

For example, those who live in neighborhoods that are near industrial factories have high levels of Sulphur dioxide in the air, while those around “petrol pumps” have higher levels of benzene. Studies that have been conducted by NASA have proven that indoor plants, such as the ficus alii, lady palm, and philodendron, have been able to reduce harmful toxins, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. The plants take in these dangerous chemicals and turn them into oxygen.

While the application is still in its infancy, the thought behind it is an amazing advancement in the world of plants. Indoor plants could help the people of India breathe easier and live healthier lives.

As of now, the application is exclusive to India, but we cannot wait to see what happens when it launches worldwide. Millions of people could benefit from the cleansing power of indoor plants! You can learn more about the Shelli app on their website and Facebook page.

If you would like to learn more about getting your own indoor plants, contact the PLANTZ team today!