Congrats to the World’s Best Tree City – Tampa, Florida!

We are so thrilled to hear that Tampa, Florida – our beloved hometown – has been named the world’s best tree city!

In 1972, former city council member Joe Chillura made one of his first acts the drafting of an ordinance that was aimed at turning the downtown Tampa area a greener place. Even 46 years after the ordinance was put into place, it is still helping to protect the greenery of Tampa and has helped earn the city the title of the “best tree city on Earth.”

How does one judge which city is truly the best tree city in the world? Run from an MIT lab, Treepedia measures the overall canopy cover in cities around the world using Google Street View data to measure and compare data instead of counting individual trees. Of the 27 cities that were initially compared and ranked, Tampa has the best green canopy. The only city of receive a grade above 30-percent, Tampa was given a 36.1-percent Green View Index rating for its green canopy. This index compares cities against one another to form the rating scale.

The goal of Treepedia’s ranking is to help support and encourage communities to take action and protect their city’s green areas and canopy. The focus is not on the competition, but on the proactive awareness of the urban vegetation improvement in cities across the world with a focus on the trees that line streets.

The PLANTZ team is elated to hear that our city has been voted the number one place to find green in your scene. Congratulations to our beautiful city and our wonderful community! You can read more about this interesting study on the Treepedia website. Let’s keep Tampa green!

Check out PLANTZ President Steve Stanford’s addition to the trees of Tampa – a 200+-year-old Live Oak, or Quercus virginiana, In Tampa, it is commonly known as The Fair Oak.