Decorating with Fall Indoor Plants

fall-decorOctober is finally here! Even though we here in Florida are still feeling the muggy, 90-degree heat of the endless summer, we can still decorate with the colors and plants of fall. When the temperatures finally drop a little and the days inevitably get shorter, you can keep your green thumb occupied by bringing gardening indoors with awesome autumnal indoor plants. These plants not only act as beautiful décor items, they also acts as natural filters and remove potentially harmful toxins from indoor air.

Here are some of our favorite plants to use when decorating for fall:

  • Red Aglaonema – The Red Adlaonema is the perfect pick for those who are new to caring for indoor plants. If you are too busy to constantly be watering, this plant is a breeze to grow. Their deep green leaves are brushed with the lovely, warm shades of orange, red, and yellow, making them the perfect addition to any office or home on a brisk fall day.
  • Croton – In keeping with the theme colors of fall – red, orange, and yellow – the Croton adds a bold, tropical feel to indoor spaces. These plants do best in bright light and do not require very frequent watering or maintenance. However, they do love humidity, making them perfect for the climate of Florida.
  • Bromeliad – Who says fall can’t be a time for a bit of an exotic addition? The Bromeliad, a relative to the pineapple, thrives in warm, humid environments and features the colors of fall in its unique purple-red lined leaves.
  • Dracaena – The Dracaena marginata looks like an ornamental grass complete with dark green leaves edged in a warm purple-red color. In addition to its awesome air purification abilities, these trees may be braided together to add another interesting layer of appeal to your indoor décor.
  • Prayer Plant – With red-purple veins creepily running through its olive green leaves, the Prayer Plant makes the perfect sprawling addition to offices and homes alike. These plants add a little extra creepy factor for Halloween when placed in a hanging basket or sprawled across a tabletop. Its odd name comes from the fact that the Prayer Plant’s leaves actually fold up at night, just like a pair of hands in prayer.
  • Anthurium – Also popular around Valentine’s Day, the Anthurium blooms in shades of red and orange perfect for fall. When put in a bright spot indoors, fertilized regularly, and provided with ample humidity, the Anthurium will bloom quite happily all the way through the season.

If you would like more information about creating a fall-themed atmosphere contact us at 866-752-6899 to find out about our indoor plants and how you can get the right plant program for you.