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Plants For Your Backyard BBQ

Aug 21, 2015


event-plants-bbqIt honestly is more than just the food. The food is obviously something that has to be there, but you are building an aesthetic that will one, make you look like an awesome event planner, and two, create an inviting atmosphere. Your food and drinks will of course be why your guests are coming to your backyard shindig, but get them to stay because they feel comfortable in a well thought out plantscape. Here are our favorite event plants that work perfectly for a backyard BBQ.

adonidia-palm-plant_0Andonidia Palm

This event plant is perfect for the backyard. It is a plant that screams backyard oasis. If you want to capture a beachy summer idea then you will definitely have it. Or, if you just want something with some height then this works too. It needs a lot of light, so it will work perfectly on your deck during your backyard party. Make sure to not let the andonidia palm dry because its leaves will wilt and turn yellow.


spathiphyllum-peace-lily-plant_0Peace Lily

A classic stand-alone piece if there ever was one. The Peace Lily looks amazing in the center of a picnic table, and pretty much anywhere people tend to be gathering. The white flower against the green leaves make this event plant really beautiful, and they also have that amazing air filtering ability which is great for making the air fresh while your guests are hanging out in your backyard.



event-plants-foxtail-palmFoxtail Palm

You can’t really go wrong with palms, especially for the backyard. You have the luxury of no ceilings so having a few tall plants for your event is not a bad idea. The fronds on the Foxtail Palm plume out much like a fox’s tail, hence its name, and with that difference can make it look really awesome standing next to any assortment of tall palm trees, giving it just enough to stand out, but it can also fit in nicely.


White-Bird-of-Paradise-plantWhite Bird of Paradise

In addition to great food, a backyard party is not complete until it has lush layers of huge, green wide-leaved plants. The White Bird of Paradise is an event plant that has just that. Its fan-like leaves arch dramatically giving any backyard a tropical feel, and because you are using it as an outside plant for your party, you may even get a nice bloom of exotic flowers. They can get quite large so be careful not to leave them unattended because they will turn your backyard into a jungle.


Incorporating one or all of these unique event plants into the environment will be sure to add some flavor to your next backyard BBQ. Call PLANTZ at 866-752-6899 to discuss your options for decorating your next event with our various choices of plants.

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