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Event Plants at a “Boring” Birthday Bash

Oct 23, 2014

boring party 2

On September 24th, Boring Business Systems celebrated their 90th year of service with a “Birthday Bash” to remember. Over 300 friends, staff members, customers, family and community members came out to commemorate this Boring’s near century of servicing client’s business needs. In addition to delicious food and drink from local businesses and restaurants, a “Boring Bites” contest took place to find the best hors d’oeuvres, while The John Frinzi Band provided the party’s entertainment. Door prizes were given away to quite a few lucky winners and a “Boring Trivia” contest was held to test partygoers’ “Boring” knowledge. The highlight of the night, however, was the “Printer Smash.” Guests were invited live out their favorite scene from the movie Office Space by taking a weapon of their choice and beating the living daylights out of an obsolete machine from Boring’s warehouse. Not only did it release a lot of pent-up printer anger, it raised a significant amount of money for charity by charging per “whack” — over $1000 was donated to Parker Street Ministries, who work hard to restore the Parker Street Neighborhood in Lakeland, FL.

The PLANTZ team was thrilled to get the chance to provide event plants for this great celebration. In going with the eclectic décor and bright color scheme, we wanted to provide plants that would go with and enhance the overall decorations. Areca Palms were placed around the perimeter of the tent as an addition of lush, green foliage to the white walls of the tent. They also helped to keep the air clean and the guests happy with their natural purification power. We suspended Pothos alongside the many brightly colored ribbons that were hung from the roof, as a way to reflect the whimsy and vivid colors in a plant. With their varying shades of cascading green, Pothos were a perfect addition to this event.

“PLANTZ provided an exceptional array of plants for Boring’s Birthday Bash. The hanging baskets provided something eye-catching and unexpected, while bringing a sense of life and energy to the space. Complemented by the bright colors and festive decor, the plants were the perfect addition to the otherwise blank canvas,” said Laura Helm of Ashton Events about our work. “We were thrilled to get to work with PLANTZ on creating a completely unique atmosphere for the evening, and are so grateful for their excellent customer service and quality products!”

We are so happy to have provided event plants in celebration of this great business. Here’s to another century of “Boring!”

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