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Events You Should be Renting Plants For

Jul 20, 2015

Nothing is harder than trying to make the bride happy on her big day, or figuring out how to seat your relatives appropriately when you know Aunt Carol and Aunt Sue do not like each other all that much.

One thing that does not have to be a hard decision is how to decorate your event. The sweet sixteen is going to be a disaster anyway because who in their right mind would give a Mercedes Benz to a sixteen-year-old girl. So, while she throws a little hissy fit, at least you know the event called for beautiful arrangements that can leave when your guests do.

Pothos Event Plants
Colorful streamers and our very own event plants hanging from the tent roof.


These are a few events that you should be renting plants for.

Wedding Receptions

Honestly? Like this is even a question. Have you ever seen a reception that did not have a gorgeous array of flowers on the tables? Or stunning tall ferns along the walls of the hall? The answer is no. But if it was yes, odds are you were looking at the time and planning the right moment to get up and leave.

Renting plants for weddings is high on the wedding planner’s list of “things not to forget”. They bring life to a table, and when coupled perfectly with the color scheme of the wedding, it is definitely a talking point.

Plants like White Hydrangeas and certain succulents like Peruvian Apples and Aloe, look great in ceramic or wood pot that match the colors of the wedding making the perfect centerpiece.

Family Reunions

Not really an event that you would think calls for nice foliage, but plant rentals could really brighten up the backyard festivities. We like to think of grandma’s home cooked casseroles and uncles that know how to be at the helm of the grill, barbecuing everything that can be barbecued. But all these picnic delights happen outside on the patio, or in the backyard where everyone has room to mingle.

Adding tall potted plants like Foxtail Palms or leafy White Birds of Paradise to add to your own garden could really liven up your backyard scenery. Your objective is to get everyone to enjoy their surroundings, and even though there is family all around, we all know how it can be when your older cousin still likes to give noogies when you both are well into your 30’s.


These sort of events can range from anything from a graduation from high school or college, to a promotion, or the simple fact that you made it “Over-the-Hill”. But instead of pushing daisies so-to-speak, because you know one of your wise-guy friends will definitely try that joke at your party, renting plants that match the event is incredibly easy.

Let’s say you want to highlight the fact that your little girl is now about to head off for college, you could simply get her a bouquet that symbolizes her beauty, or you can arrange the party with flowers that bloom as the party carries on into the night like the Casablanca Lilly that symbolize her growth and perseverance. It would show that effort was put into choosing the plants, just like the effort it took for your child to achieve her milestone.

Renting plants may not be the first thing on your mind when planning a big event, but they sure do take the ambiance up a notch. Contact PLANTZ at 866-752-6899 to find out more about our plant rental services.


Pothos Event Plants
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