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Our Favorite Office Plants

Jun 22, 2015


For years, we have been telling people that adding plants to office spaces adds so much more to the work environment than just a pop of color – they are actually improving the health and morale of employees. It is only now, after the nerds at NASA and other corporations have published their research on how plants accomplish this, that anyone believes us.

We now find that customers are constantly asking what our favorite indoor or office plants are for workspaces and why we like them so much. So, we put our thinking hats on and came up with five of our favorite indoor office plants.


Lisa Cane

Lisa Cane

The Dracaena deremensis, commonly known as the Lisa Cane, is a naturally narrow and upright-figured plant. This allows it to be placed in nearly any space, making them versatile additions to even the most cramped areas.

The name of this uniquely versatile plant is actually derived from the Greek word “drakaina,” which means “female dragon.” The link between the plant and the mythical monster is found in the red dragon’s blood-looking gum that is produced when the trunk is cut. We like to imagine that the Lisa Cane would be in the office of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, which makes this plant that much cooler.



Mass Cane

Mass Cane

Although it was once shunned by the plantscape industry for overuse, the Mass Cane is still one of the most popular office plants available. Their bright green leaves are similar to those of corn, which gives it the unique and totally original nickname of the “Corn Plant.”

This floor plant has a low-light requirement, loves humidity, and only requires a bit of tending, making it a perfect addition to offices full of busy people who will inevitably forget about it for a while.



Adonidia Palm

Adonidia Palm

Is your office too lazy to actually put out decorations during the holidays? The Adonidia Palm, or “Christmas Palm,” is perfect for you, as it grows will bloom with white flowers and red berries during Christmastime. Adonidia Palms are low-maintenance, towering palms that make an elegant statement in any office as a standalone specimen.

In addition to offices with high ceilings, they are also commonly used in sunny shopping malls. Adonidia Palms have a high light requirement, but are actually considered “self-cleaning,” as they are virtually pest-free and spent fronds fall off by themselves.




Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig

Ranked among the top plants for improving air quality, the Weeping Fig is one of the most popular indoor trees around. Ficus Benjamina, affectionately known as “Benji,” requires a high amount of light and is sensitive to chemicals found in tap water, meaning only distilled or filtered water may be used on this picky plant.

The Weeping Fig should really be nicknamed “The Stubborn Toddler,” as it tends to throw a temper tantrum when moved or repotted by losing its leaves. Although they require a bit more maintenance and TLC than other plants, the Weeping Fig is a beautiful addition to any indoor space.



Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Known for their ability to transpire and clear indoor air at a high rate, the Areca Palm is an easy addition to offices, making them one of the most popular and widely used indoor plants today.

This ability to cleanse the air of airborne toxins and chemicals actually boosts the overall health and mood of employees. While they offer amazing benefits, Areca Palms need just the right amount of bright, indirect sunlight in order to avoid turning a yellow-green color.




If you are interested or would like more information about any of our popular office plants, call us at 866-752-6899

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