Fintech and Office Plants: The “Cool” Factor


plantz collage 2At PLANTZ, we are always so thrilled when our wonderful clients receive the recognition that they deserve. Needless to say, when the Tampa Bay Business Journal recently recognized Fintech (one of said wonderful clients) as one of the “Coolest Office Spaces” in Tampa, we couldn’t have been more excited!

The PLANTZ team worked with Fintech and the CI Group of Tampa to help create an office space that was functional, contemporary, and modern for their employees – something that truly reflected who they are as a company. The spaces where the plants were placed needed to be areas that fostered creativity and effective decision-making along with their overall décor. Our team chose plants, such as the Lisa Cane, Marginata, Ficus lyrata, and Orchid, for their unique look that would contribute to the office’s “cool” factor. With the office’s
hanging chairs, yoga spaces, grass walls, and training facility, we also wanted to use plants that would help encourage movement; the spiky and light leaves of these office plants certainly do that!

“The Fintech offices have a great vibe – it’s in a great business park, with panoramic views of open spaces and the Tampa Bay Bucs training center, contemporary furnishings with lots of different colors and textures. To make sure our plants contributed to the vibe, we used plants that were angular and upright, in planters that matched their contemporary palate. We think we hit this one just right – the team at Fintech projects a high level of happiness,” said Steve Stanford, PLANTZ president.

For more information on the “Coolest Office Spaces” in Tampa, check out the full article here. To find out how you can incorporate office plants into your own cool space, contact the PLANTZ Team today! Congratulations, Fintech!