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The Importance of Urban Landscape Design

Jul 25, 2014

design of urban landscape It is said that first impressions are everything, as they give people a chance to quickly make assumptions based on a brief first moment of introduction. The question is why would you not try to create the best image of yourself when meeting new customers? This can also be asked when it comes to the designing of an urban landscape, as it is normally the first thing that people see upon approaching an office or building. Although it may not seem like it, the design and upkeep of your landscape can say a lot about you and your brand. A messy, unorganized mess seems to imply a disorganized and less than ideal company. With the correct design for your business, the first impression on a client can be a great one. There are also many other benefits to having a well-maintained urban landscape, such as heath or connection.

Just as important as the appearance professionals must live up to, urban landscape design is equally as telling when it comes to giving hints about what your company or business is really like. A lacking outdoor area implies the same about the indoors. With a custom designed urban landscape, a brand image can be reinforced and is even able to communicate your core values as a business. While being created, a well-designed urban landscape takes into account the topography, orientation, souls and irrigation, property safety and security, native plant habitat, and many other factors. These are all considered so that the landscape will flourish and set the stage for visitors or potential clients before they even walk in the door.

Beautiful urban landscapes are not just beneficial to the company that is paying for them, but to the local community and its members. In a time when a large majority of the population works in a sedentary position for most of the business day, the value of a walk through a nicely landscaped area should not be underestimated. When pathways are more easily accessed and well maintained, people are more inclined to bicycle or walk instead of driving. A little bit of a break in some sort of vegetation is healthy for the minds and bodies of those same business people have been sitting in an office lit with fluorescent lights all day as well. Obviously, the presence of plants in an urban city is just as good for the environment as it is for the people who dwell in it. Plants help to filter the air from all of the pollution that comes along with a modern urban setting, as well as offering shade to cities, as they tend to be warmer due to traffic and such. Animals are very appreciative of the reprieve of foliage from the concrete jungle that a city can be too.

At Plantz, we believe that greenery is meant to be more than just something pretty. We know that plants can truly help people in many different ways. Designing urban landscapes is something that we take pride in, as we know it will help your business and the people who get to encounter the plants. Be proud of your outdoor space with a uniquely designed landscape just for you.

Importance of Urban Landscape Design
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