How to Improve Employee Productivity and Focus with Office Plants

Humans have an innate, deep-seated psychological need to connect with nature. It is simply one of our instincts, which is why humans enjoy adding plants to indoor environments.

We all know that plants produce oxygen and remove toxins from indoor air, but they do so much more than “just” that. Commonly referred to as the theory of Biophilia, the mere presence of plants indoors has actually been proven to reduce signs of stress, promote productivity and focus, and can even reduce employee sick days.

Are you ready to add plants to your office space? Here are a few tips on how to add plants to your working environment while maximizing their benefits.

  1. Keep your employees in mind and give them a say. – When you give your employees the ability to add their input about the company furniture, décor, and plants, you are also giving them a sense of ownership of the office space. Designing the office for and with the employees with their best interest at heart can help them be happier in the long run. When it comes to indoor plants, let your employees choose a few species of plants to add to the office and ask for their suggestions on plant placement.
  2. Remember to retain natural forms and arrangements. – It is common to walk into an office space to find a plant on every other desk or cubicle wall, but this uniform pattern can actually be rather counterproductive. Instead, try remembering that nature is neither perfect nor uniform and arrange your plants with this in mind. That being said, having some plants in the office is better than none.
  3. Choose the right plants for your space. – Work with your indoor plant company to figure out the plants that would work the best in your space. If your office is a lower light environment, do not plan on including a White Bird of Paradise or Areca Palm (unless your office is flooded with light, as they require a lot of it). Instead choose plants that will thrive in your working environment to avoid plant decline and to keep the working environment happy and healthy (such as a ZZ Plant or Sansevieria).
  4. Hire a professional plant care company. – When you have photocopiers and expensive technological equipment, you hire a professional to fix problems and deal with regular maintenance to keep everything in working order. If you want to keep your office plants alive and healthy, you should also hire a professional service to manage their regular care for you.

Are you ready to improve your office environment? Contact the indoor plant experts at PLANTZ today to learn about our office plants and plant care services!