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Improving Your Property with Plant Walls

Sep 14, 2016

Commercial Plant WallsThe thought of growing plants on your office walls sounds insane, but in reality, this “plant walls” trend has been gaining popularity in the last few years for a number of reasons. Not only are these green additions lovely focal pieces for any office or building, they also improve the indoor air quality, offer health benefits to building occupants, and present other unique opportunities.

The Benefits of Plant Walls

Plant walls are incredibly effective as natural insulation, which keeps your buildings cooler in the summer heat and warmer in the winter. This will save you money in air conditioning and heating bills while also improving your building’s overall LEED score. Health-wise, plants in general have been proven to drastically reduce stress levels, improve mental health, and reduces airborne toxins that could be potentially harmful. Studies have shown that plant walls may also reduce staff turnover rates and reduce the number of sick days taken by employees in a commercial setting. They also help in the reduction of noise throughout the office as well. Plants are known to naturally block high-frequency sounds, while their supporting structure may help to diminish low-frequency noises.

Plant Walls in a Commercial Setting

Not only will plant walls help you save money with their insulating properties, they will also benefit your employees. Happy and healthy employees are the key to successfully running a business. Should you own a building or commercial space, adding a plant wall to your real estate creates a prime location for businesses due to the appeal for customers as well. These green walls are known to catch the eye of window shoppers and future clients, and will help your business stand out from the rest. Another unique feature of the plant wall is the opportunity for additional marketing. Using different types of indoor plants, your company’s logo or name may be incorporated into the design.

For more information on how plant walls could benefit your company or building, contact the plant experts at PLANTZ today! We will show you how to “go vertical” with indoor plant happiness! Click here to see some of our plant walls.

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