Incredible Living Plant Walls

Earlier this week PLANTZ President Steve Stanford joined other Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce members on the annual benchmark trip. Each year the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce travels to a different city, similar to Tampa, to adapt from their best practices, to meet the growing needs of Tampa.
This year the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce visited Baltimore. During this trip Steve was able to see first hand at the Baltimore PNC Bank headquarters quite a sight. Measuring 84 feet tall by 24 feet wide, PNC bank shows the color green is more than just money through a living plant wall.   This plant wall is comprised of 504 recycled steel vertical plantewith a variety of ground-covering plants.  The plants used to create the tree design and PNC logo includes: pachysandra, euonymus and phlox. This plant wall is slightly smaller than the one at the PNC Bank corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh.

Living plant walls can be used in many different settings from cooperate advertising to restaurant décor. In this economic time it is vital to set your business apart from others. Be different by implementing a live plant wall in your facility. It is sure to draw attention and blow your competitors out of the water while adding a splash of green to your business’s look. Using a variety of green plants and/or flowers your imagination is the limit of what PLANTZ can create! To learn more about how PLANTZ can provide a touch of green to your space, contact us today!