Great Indoor Plants for the Dorm Room


Alright freshmen! This blog is for you!

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (2 of 10)Your next step in life is about to begin. You are saying good-bye to high school and the confinement of your parents’ house, and you are saying hello to independence. Dorm days are ahead of you my friends, and you want to make sure you are fully equipped to functionality and comfortability in the little study dungeon you call your room.

So study and check out these awesome indoor plants that can change your dingy little dorm room into something cool and give you that little bit responsibility your parents are always talking about.


Let’s be honest here, how often do you remember to do your laundry? And by doing it I mean actually doing it, not putting it in the hamper so Mom can do it…Yeah, so most likely your cramped room will end up smelling like something died in it. Fortunately for you there is an indoor plant that can fool everyone. Lavender is easy to grow and to care for, and the scent can freshen up the room and even keep away pests that want the leftover pizza slice you left under your bed three weeks ago.

Aloe Vera

This one is a given. Everyone thinks Aloe Vera is the coolest plant to have. They pretty much live forever and do not need that much water or sunlight making it perfect for the dorm room.

Another good attribute it has is that it produces a gel within its leaves that can heal minor cuts…like the ones you are bound to get by flipping the pages in those textbooks you tell your parents you are reading.

Lucky Bamboo

So we are not trying to scare you or anything, but school is hard. It just is. And even if you put all your time and effort into studying, sometimes you might need a little luck to snag that A at the end of the semester. Well, there is a plant for that.

Lucky Bamboo is definitely a cool indoor plant for a dorm room. It’s little, looks awesome on your desk or bedside table, and is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and positive energy to the room. And it only needs new water once every 2-3 weeks so your busy schedule will not be a problem for this little plant.

Spider Plant

This plant is really popular as an indoor plant. The Spider Plant can survive neglect, which will most likely happen if you spend more time in class than you do in your dorm room like you are supposed to.

But while you are in your room, this helpful plant will clear the air of indoor pollutants like benzene formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. And on top of its helpful benefits, it looks tropical and interesting. It has light green leaves and can actually bloom little white flowers adding some nice color to your room.

Incorporating some of these interesting indoor plants into your new dorm can make a big difference. Besides looking cool, they offer lots of other benefits, including health and wellness boosting. If you want to add any of these indoor plants to your new living arrangement, or know someone who could stand to add some variety to their boring room, call PLANTZ at 866-752-6899.