Introducing Tampa Bay Wave

PLANTZ has partnered up with our friends over at Tampa Bay WAVE to bring them the plant services of their dreams – care and maintenance for all of their office plants provided by your truly. 

We are proud to be servicing all of the plants at the Tampa Bay WAVE downtown office as a donation! 

So, here is a little about The Tampa Bay WAVE. This company is a non-profit organization known for providing the environment and space to aid new technology startups in and around the Tampa Bay area in their businesses’ growth. 

With their motto being “for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs,” they rely heavily on community engagement and the entrepreneurial mindset’s overall support. 

This is an innovative community of people working to make Tampa Bay stronger in the technology sector, and The Tampa Bay WAVE is 100% committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout the whole organizations and who they choose to associate with. 

We were so thrilled we got to meet with Heather McMillan of Tampa Bay WAVE and provide our services to her. 

“Thanks, Plantz, for your beautiful plants! They will enhance our space for an upcoming photo shoot. As a non-profit organization, every little bit helps, and this plantscape makes our offices even more welcoming with all the green plants. We’ll add you to our perks program, so our tenants and companies have access to your plant services.” – Heather McMillan 

Want to learn more about Tampa Bay WAVE and all they have to offer? Check their website out and take a peek at our plant installations as well below.



Heather’s son Sterling, giving us his best gun show in front of the new Aglaonema! 


Tampa Bay WAVE Office


Tampa Bay