5 Reasons to Love Plant Walls


plant wall in lobbyWhether you live in an urban area or work in a modern office where greenery may be hard to come by, a plant wall (also known as vertical garden or living wall) offers a wonderful way to refresh your indoor space. From enhancing indoor areas to boosting privacy in office spaces, here are the top five reasons to love these incredibly versatile and vertical gardens.

1. A plant wall can disguise a bland, boring wall.

An indoor area or small office can feel very limiting and claustrophobic, especially when the walls are bland and less than attractive. A plant wall complete with beautiful greenery does not just cover up the boring all – it creates a living focal point and inspires.

2. Include plants without taking up floor space.

Smaller offices that may already be cramped for space do not really have room for large floor pots. A plant wall allows the tripping hazard to be avoided while still including an indoor garden. These walls can include everything from succulents to edible plants, depending on the lighting conditions and type of planter, and can incorporate many different design themes.

3. Bring the outside in.

In today’s busy world, many hard workers and business people do not have time to spend time in the great outdoors. Plant walls create lush green sanctuaries that bring the outdoors inside. With the endless expanses of concrete in today’s modern cities, building are usually lacking in the green department. Plant walls become the indoor haven for escaping the everyday hustle and bustle of offices.

4. Plants become privacy screens.

Cubicles and bland walls become boredom-inducing eyesores in a modern office space. A vertical garden or plant wall can become a living privacy screen that provides necessary privacy while also acting as a natural sound wall, lessening distracting background noise in the office.

5. Create a better working environment with plant walls.

Studies have shown that plants act as natural air purification systems by removing potentially harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. Plants also improve the work environment by inspiring employees productivity while lowering anxiety, depression, hostility, and fatigue levels. It has been proven that creativity levels were also boosted while sickness and absence rates were reduced.

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