Low-Light Loving Office Plants


plant-lightHave you ever tried keeping a plant alive in a lowly lit room or office? This can prove to be an incredibly difficult task if you do not have the right plants for these conditions.

If you are unsure of what kind of light you have in your home or office, consider these factors:

  • A south-facing room with many windows has a high light condition.
  • An east or west facing room would be considered medium light conditions.
  • A room that faces north or has no windows is considered a low-light room.

If you are worried about a lowly lit room, check out these shade-loving office plants that are perfect for your desk or cubicle. These plants have been documented as species that thrive in these darker office spaces.

  1. ZZ Plant – Blending well with both contemporary and traditional settings, the ZZ Plant grows well in a dryer environment, but can push the low-light threshold to the extreme. They also take a fairly reasonable amount of neglect without any real issues.
  2. Snake Plant – Handling low to moderate light conditions with ease, the Snake Plant, or Sansevieria, can live through long dry spells and is known as one of the most tolerant office plants you can buy. They may be neglected for weeks on end and remove harmful toxins from indoor air.
  3. Pothos – As a great starter plant, the Pothos is flexible in its required conditions and performs well with very little care. They should dry out after a watering and be placed in offices with low to moderate light.
  4. Philodendron – This low to medium light loving office plant prefers a bit of dryness and have no trouble growing as they can easily adapt to conditions within an office. Many Philodendrons form tails or may be trained to a post, while other have a more bushy look.
  5. Lucky Bamboo – Commonly received as a housewarming gift, Lucky Bamboo has been known to grow only in water. They prefer to be placed in low light conditions as well. A fun fact about the Lucky Bamboo is that they are not a type of bamboo at all – they are a type of Dracaena.
  6. Aglaonema – Also known as the Chinese Evergreen, the Aglaonema is easy to grow and performs well with minimal care and low light. They are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of New Guinea and Asia.

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