Low-Maintenance, Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

When people say that they can’t have indoor plants in their homes, it’s normally for one of two reasons: “I can’t keep them alive” or “I’m worried that my pet will eat them.” Good news! There are several non-toxic plants that are easy to keep alive and are not harmful to your beloved family dog or cat. Here are a few indoor plants to consider that are easy to care for and won’t harm your pets:

  • Spider Plant – The spider plant, or Cholophytum comosum, is fairly indestructible. They do well in most light conditions Indoor plants and petsand temperatures, which means that they may be placed just about anywhere and will be just fine. While they do require a fair amount of watering, they also need to dry out in between. Spider plants work well as accent plants, in hanging baskets, or in offices and are the perfect plant to purchase if your thumb is far from green. Additionally, spider plants are also great for cleaning indoor air and are safe to be around pets.
  • Areca Palm – If you have a good bit of space and would like something a little bolder, the areca palm is a great option. Growing to be a fairly large 6-7 foot indoor tree, their size must be considered when purchasing them. Pruning an areca palm could potentially damage or kill them, so be sure that your ceilings are high enough to accommodate their height and their container is big enough. These beautiful trees require bright light and only have to be watered weekly, as their soil must dry out completely. The areca palm is also a great plant for keeping indoor air clean and healthy.
  • Ponytail Palm – The ponytail palm is the perfect choice for a pet owner that is looking for a more unique option. Although they look like small palm trees, the ponytail palm is actually a succulent with a thick trunk and long, thin leaves. Its trunk actually stores water, which means that it can go for quite a while without watering, making it excellent for forgetful plant owners. It does best in bright light, but will do fine in just about any lighting condition.
  • Boston Fern – While not all ferns are safe to be around curious pets, the Boston fern is a safe choice. These plants do well in areas with indirect light and high humidity levels. Weirdly enough, they do very well as a hanging plant in the bathroom. The shower ensures that the air is humid enough and the lighting conditions are normally indirect.
  • Bamboo Palm – The bamboo palm, or Chamaedorea elegans, is known for its air purifying abilities and for how easy it is to keep alive. They can grow to be up to 10-12 feet high with a width of 3-5 feet and require bright or indirect sunlight. Bamboo palms only require water when the soil feels dry to the touch and are very easy to care for. They are also safe for your pets!

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