6 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Indoor Plants

indoor-plants-in-windowWhile indoor plants add beauty to your home or office, it is important to remember that they are living things and, as such, they require a little TLC. Without care, these green friends will respond by turning into wilting, yellowing, leave-dropping ghosts of their former selves.

If you want your indoor plants to stay healthy and happy, here are six all too common mistakes to avoid making.

Ignoring care instructions.

Just like do-it-yourself Swedish furniture, you have to read the “instructions” when caring for indoor plants. Not finding out the light requirements, watering instructions, or preferred amount of shade for your plants will result in their untimely death.

Drowning or underwatering your plants.

Overwatering and poor or inadequate drainage is the most common cause of indoor plants dying. An excess of water will flush valuable nutrients out of the soil and strangle the roots of the plant by compacting the growing medium. In some cases, the roots may actually begin to rot. On the opposing end, underwatering plants can cause the plant to literally die of thirst.

Incorrect lighting.

Plants do not really like change, which is why they appreciate growing conditions that are as similar as possible to their own native environment. Some indoor plants may like full and direct sunlight, while others prefer a bit of shade. As the designated “plant parent,” you must be find out the lighting likes and dislikes of your plant in order to see them thrive.

Creating a crowd.

A little sprucing up (pardon the pun) as your plant grows up is not a bad idea. Ideally, healthy plants should be moved to a larger container with fresh potting mix as they outgrow their former homes. However, plant parents should be careful not to choose too large of a home, as larger containers mean too much soil and opportunities for root rot.

Choosing the wrong soil.

It may sound trendy, but going for high-quality organic soil is the best choice for making indoor plants happy. You may be able to dig up some dirt from just outside your home or office, but it could be harboring pests or diseases that could kill your plant. You must also be sure to choose the correct soil type (sand, clay, etc.) depending on the type of plant and add in a bit of fertilizer.

Mistreating your plants.

You must realize that you cannot treat indoor plants like just another decoration. Take the time to understand the unique needs of your individual plant.

Does this sound like a bit too much work and you just do not have the time? You can always contact PLANTZ to maintain and care for your indoor plants! Call 1-866-752-6899 for more information on our indoor plants maintenance!