MOSStacular Project

We are feeling MOSStacular today! Why you ask? Our project manager Keith Lindquist completed a project we are proud to share recently in Clearwater. 

PLANTZ served as subcontractor for iConstructors out of Tampa to install a larger-than-life moss panel display in the newly renovated Corporate Square office complex in Clearwater. The display has 21 panels of moss and bark and it stretches 18 feet wide and five feet high! 

This moss panel display, designed by EDGE Architecture, Inc out of Clearwater, consisted of supplies brought in by Architectural Supplements out of Waterbury CT that consisted of all-natural elements such as the moss and tree bark. 

 Moss displays like these are low- to no-maintenance and really attract attention, due to their unique and eye-catching nature. 

 “We were pleased to be selected by iConstructors to help them with this project.  People are looking for new ways to bring nature indoors and the BioMontage panels fit the bill,  The team at EDGE Architecture continues to find innovative ways to put nature on display and arrange the panels in creative patterns.  It turned out just great, and it’ll be appreciated by visitors to Corporate Square for years to come.”-  Steve Stanford PLANTZ president.

Check out this time lapse video  about the process to learn a little bit more!