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Top 4 Office Plants for Beginners

Sep 9, 2015


office-plantsThe average full-time employee spends 40 hours a week at work. That’s a lot of time spent in once place… so why shouldn’t you make it as healthy and happy of a work environment as possible? Including indoor plants in your office space can prove to be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons. These little green friends not only put a smile on your face – they also act as natural air purifiers by removing potentially harmful airborne toxins from that air that you breathe while sitting at your desk. Plants may seem like they are a lot of work to keep alive, but in reality there are several plants that are relatively simple to care for… or we can help you out with our plant maintenance services.

Here are the top four office plants for novice or forgetful plant owners.


The Pothos easily adapts to a wide variety of office conditions and may live in varying levels of light from low to bright. They require very little as far as maintenance goes and are considered one of the easiest office plants to care for. As a tough-as-nails plant, the Pothos has heart-shaped leaves and vining stems in an irregularly marbled pattern. They are both beautiful and functional, as they purify the air by absorbing and stripping toxins like formaldehyde from indoor air.

Spider Plant

The unusual looking Spider Plant adds an element of visual interest to an office with its long, colorful leaves. These indoor plants continue to be very popular in both homes and offices year after year. They come in a number of varieties and work wonderfully as hanging plants. Spider Plants will thrive in moist soil and in medium to bright lighting conditions. They prefer room temperatures from around 60 to 75 degrees, making them ideal indoor plants for an air-conditioned office space.

Peace Lily

There is a reason that the Peace Lily may be seen in many homes, offices, and indoor spaces. These office plants are incredibly easy to grow, favoring low humidity and low light. The Peace Lily would make a great addition to any office with low light conditions or a cubicle-style office with very few windows. They prefer moist soil and tolerate a wide range of conditions, maxing out at 85 degrees.

Snake Plant

Don’t let its nickname of the “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue” fool you – it doesn’t get much easier than the Snake Plant. Its variegated leaves grow upright with white and yellow edges, and some even include white flowers that bloom occasionally. The Snake Plant grows well in a range of lighting conditions and should be kept in somewhat dry conditions, including the soil. Normal room temperatures conditions should also be just fine for these indoor plants.

If you would like to learn more about how you can incorporate office plants into your environment, contact us at 866-752-6899 so we can help!

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