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Office Plants Help to Create a Healthier Work Environment

Jul 15, 2014

office plants serviceWhether the office printer won’t stop jamming while you are trying to print a report, your nerves are getting out of control over the thought of making that big presentation, or just dealing with everyday life, stress is a virtually unavoidable part of everyone’s workday. There are, however, some ways to reduce employee stress levels while also making the work environment a happier and healthier one.

Recently, posted an article entitled “10 Cheap Ways to Reduce Employee Stress” by Marla Tabaka, which cited easy ways to help reduce the ever-present stress factors looming around offices. This helpful article gave many different tips, which ranged from feeding and talking to your employees, to encouraging breaks and offering flexible schedules. The point that we are most excited about is one that hits close to home: “Pretty up the place with plants.” There were a few benefits of non-flowering plants in an office environment noted in the article, but there are many other benefits that office employees should be made aware of so that they understand just how beneficial these bits of greenery really are to the place.

Aside from the pops of green they add to the décor, office plants offer a menagerie of health benefits for those around them. First, a study performed in 2010 showed a significant reduction of stress levels in employees when plants were around; significant reductions were found in the areas of feelings of depression or dejection, anger and hostility, fatigue, and tension or anxiety. These drops in stress levels were all thanks to the simple addition of plants around the office. Plants also act as a natural air filter in the office by filtering out harmful toxins, microbes, and even airborne illnesses from the air, while producing a healthy oxygen level. Being in an office all day with fellow air-breathing humans naturally creates a higher level of carbon monoxide in the air – this makes employees drowsy, and ultimately less productive. With the addition of office plants, productivity can be increased by 10-15 – this could also be majorly helpful in the fight against the 2:30 slump. In a study published in the Journal of American Psychology, it was proven that the presence of plants in the office also increases the ability to concentrate and maintain attention, while reaction times were improved by up to 12% as well.

The information and research really speaks for itself here – keeping plants in the office is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your employees happy and healthy. The numerous benefits for the mind and body offered by plants are simply too enriching to pass up. At PLANTZ, we offer an array of plant services, including office plant maintenance, to make your enjoyment of these green helpers an even simpler process. Let us make your office better and healthier work environment today.

Office Plants Healthier Work Environment
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