4 Office Plants to Keep the Summer Alive

office-plants-summerEven though the torrential rain and the blistering sun can put a damper on us and our fun summer months, we still long for it once it has come and gone. Fall is fast approaching, but you are trying everything you can to hold on to your vacation or the weather that pretty much makes our state of Florida famous.

Unfortunately, the kids are going back to school, the beach getaway is over, and with it, so is summer. But, if you want to capture that summer time atmosphere, even as work and internships for school start back up, here are four great summer office plants that can keep the summer vibe alive.

1. Perennial Hibiscus

Usually placed outside, as they tend to grow to about 8 feet tall, it actually works really well as an office plant. The Perennial Hibiscus can definitely bring that summer color you may be afraid of losing once fall rolls around, and if you can keep its growth under control it can do just fine in an average sized pot. You’ll need to water it daily and make sure it is by a window or in an atrium because it does require a lot of light.

2. Begonia

Again, another plant thought of as an outdoor plant, but does really well as an indoor plant. Begonias are able to bloom regardless if they are outside or inside, and this is because there are so many different varieties of this plant, which can make it work as an office plant, in the dorm room, or in that weird little storage closet that was converted into the intern work station. Whichever style you want, shrub or potted plant, most likely something will fit the style of your space and add the summer memories you wish were not over.

3. Anthurium

There are two very common types of this perfect office plant, and it really matters which one you are going for; bright summer colors, or dark tropical and leafy. The flowering variety of the Anthurium can bring a light reddish pink or vibrant yellow to your desktop, with flowers that are reminiscent of the lily. But, if you want the tropical idea to be at the forefront then there is also the Anthurium that has dark leaves with veiny foliage. Even though they look amazing indoors, they do need constant attention, their soil and leaves kept moist at all times, and kept at warm temperatures.

4. Croton

This particular office plant is perfect for the end of summer as fall transitions itself in. The reason: because Crotons seem to have short life spans indoors due to their high light requirement, and how many storage closet offices actually have a window? Not many. So while you are trying to hold onto the idea of summer with fun colors, the Croton can definitely do that for you. But if you want it to hold on through fall too, you might need to work harder to get that promotion to a room with a view.

Keeping the atmosphere bright and summery as fall comes along will help keep morale up and the office happier. These four office plants will really help achieve this with their fun variety. If you are interested in having one of these plants in your office, call PLANTZ at 866-752-6899 and we would be glad to help!