Office Plants: Turning to Office Design to Increase Employee Retention Rates

As the younger, Millennial generation becomes less loyal to their employers, businesses are scrambling to find ways to retain their employees. A study from ReportLinker has found that this issue is causing firms to place a bigger emphasis on employee benefits, empowerment, and better working environments.

Although the study was on a small scale of about 500 people, the results proved that Millennials are much less likely than their generational predecessors to say that they are totally committed to their employer. In fact, only 40% said that they would somewhat agree with the statement compared to the 66% of older workers who said they were highly committed. However, the “American work ethic” should not be considered extinct. Most Americans (75% to be exact) agree that they more they work, the more successful they will end up being. Of those polled, 76% then said that they would work more than 36 hours a week, with 55% men being more likely to work more than 40 hours a week.

When employees were asked which perks that they are currently receiving from their employers, 68% mentioned healthcare, 54% said paid family sick leave or bereavement leave, 47% of all mentions were working hours for balancing personal and work time, and 39% said career development services. Only 11% of surveyed employees said that they were offered flexible working, but 22% ranked it as one of the most important perks.

Other perks that were mentioned and deemed “essential” were things like parental leave, gym memberships, and a good working environment. A whopping 90% of those surveyed agreed that their working environment boosts their productivity.

If you want to keep your employees healthy, happy, and in their jobs, we suggest making the atmosphere as relaxing and productive as possible. At PLANTZ, we help boost working environments with our spectacular office plants. The benefits of office plants are incredible. Plants not only filter out potentially harmful toxins from indoor air, but have also been proven to reduce employee sick days while boosting productivity levels. Adding greenery to the office can also help improve morale.

Want to keep your Millennials happy and healthy? Contact the green team at PLANTZ today to order your very own office plants. We also offer direct shipping to your doorstep at! Contact us today for more information.