4 Office Plants That You Need Right Now


Let’s face it, your office or cubicle is not the coolest thing on the planet. It is a place that you spend most of your waking hours, and honestly, you ought to have something to make it your own. The most important thing to do is spice it up, decorate it, add some of that “feng shui” everyone is always talking about.

Instead of buying a weird plastic banana shaped chair that no one will be able to sit in, here are four plants that could make your office, the most interesting office in the world…or at least on your floor.

Monstera Deliciosa

This office plant is monstrously delicious… well, not really, but it does sort of looking like hanging Swiss cheese. The leaves of this weird climbing plant begin to split as it grows older, gaining one of its nicknames, “The Swiss Cheese Plant”.

Interesting bit about this plant is it is actually a vine and it has aerial roots. So if you do not mind your office looking a little like a jungle, hanging this from the ceiling and letting it vine through your shelving would definitely add that cool factor you are looking for


Starfish Succulent

If you are looking to be the talk of the office, (in a good way), the Starfish Succulent is the plant for you. It is a very rare and exotic looking cactus variant, with its leaves being plated and layered over one another to form a “starfish” like shape in the center.

They work really well in a pot of stones or rocks, as it needs very little soil. These plants are mostly only found in Nepal and China so you can be that person who has to special order packages.

Staghorn Fern

Probably one of the coolest plants you can have for your office. It is like having an actual deer head on your wall, just without the eyes of a dead animal staring at you at all hours of your workday.

The leaves on these awesome office plants look much like the horns of stag, hence its name, and they do great on custom wooden wall mount to add to your décor.

Sago Palm

Any native Floridian has seen this little beauty. These plants look like miniature palm trees and are great outside pieces for suburban yards. Not often associated with the indoors, but honestly, it be better suited in a well–lit corner in your office because they can avoid the pests that kill their crown bulb.

It is a very old plant, as well, surviving millions of years with records dating back to the dinosaurs, giving it that interesting factor you are looking for. Sago Palms are a little finicky if you try to move them around too much though, so just leave it in the corner and water it accordingly and all should be fine.

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