Palm Trees and Pest Prevention

Palm trees and pest control

True to its mission to make people happy with plants (regardless of size), PLANTZ is working to help prevent Texas Phoenix Palm Decline in some of Tampa Bay’s most prominent and valuable palm trees.

“The injections we make are a preventative measure against the bacteria-like phytoplasma that is infecting certain varieties of palm trees throughout Florida,” said Steve Stanford, PLANTZ president and a Florida Certified Pest Control Operator.  “It’s the same disease as Lethal Yellowing, and impacts date palms, Adonidia palms and coconut palms in our area.  It’s spread by an insect and Tampa residents can clearly see the impact of the disease as evidenced by the large number of Sylvester palms in our median roadway plantings that have fallen to it.”

“It comes down to an economic decision,” continued Steve, regarding a decision to make the injections.  “Is it worth the cost and effort to do injections?  Many times this question is answered by the location of the trees, which can cost many more times than that actual cost of the plant.  So, if a replacement tree would need to be installed by a crane, or even a barge, then it’s usually worth it to have the tree protected with the antibiotic.”

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