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Picture Perfect Plants: Plant Rentals for Events and Weddings

Jun 9, 2021

Whether it be a wedding reception, business convention, or maybe an extravagant party, planning a special occasion is rarely a simple task- especially when it comes to decorating your event space with plants. Adding a touch of greenery around your venue can transform any ordinary space into an aesthetically pleasing tropical wonderland! Finding and purchasing the perfect plants for your special occasion can often be an overwhelming task- as well as maintaining those plants with the proper amount of water, light, and attention. At PLANTZ, our “Rent-A-Plant” service covers all of your green needs and acts as your one-stop shop, leaving you with one less thing to worry about on the big day!

How it Works: Our Rent-A-Plant Process

Our goal is to make our Rent-A-Plant process as seamless and worry-free as possible, allowing you to focus on the more important details of your event. During the initial meeting with you, we begin by getting a feel for who you are, what your goals are, your personality, brand identity, and personal preferences. We then gather everything we’ve learned from you, and our team of creative plant experts formulate a unique plant rental design that fits your needs. This plan will highlight the specific plants that we recommended will be best suited for the space and environment in which the event will take place.

Once this plan has been developed to your liking and has the “green” light, we then move onto the implementation process. Our team will deliver the chosen plants right to your event and set them up per the specifications preapproved by you. We also ensure that the plants maintain their beauty and freshness throughout the entirety of your special occasion, as part of our quality guarantee. Once your event has come to an end, we pick the plants back up and are on our way! This process provides you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish and ensures a plant rental service that truly exceeds your expectations.

Rent a Plant
Rental PLANTZ for Your Special Occasions

Why PLANTZ is the Best for the Job 

Here at PLANTZ, we offer unique and high-quality plants and services that meet and surpass your vision. We got into the plant movement before being “green” was even in style- with roots back to the 1970’s, we began marketing our services in plant management, event foliage, and landscaping areas as PLANTZ in 2005. Since then, we’ve become the trusted plant professionals of Florida!

With our Rent-A-Plant service, we work hard to make sure your plants stay as beautiful and lively as they arrived throughout the duration of your event. In order to keep your special day as perfect as possible, we promise to remain committed to ensuring your plants look good from the beginning of your event until the very end.

Indoor Plant Rental Benefits

Indoor plant rental means absolutely no commitment or maintenance on your part. You simply discuss your wants and needs with our team, and they make it happen- perfect looking plants that compliment your event, installed right on your special day. Renting plants is also a much more affordable option than buying them, allowing you to achieve the look you want while spending a fraction of the price. You can rest easy and enjoy your wedding, anniversary, or corporate function, while at the same time knowing your plants are well-cared for and in pristine condition the entire time.

PLANTZ also offers our Rent-A-Plant services to clients who may need long-term plant services in a space that isn’t permanent- such as temporary office spaces, a conference, festivals, shows, or other lengthy events.

Ready to add a unique green touch and make your special event even more memorable? Contact PLANTZ about our Rent-A-Plant services and get started on your plan today!

Rent a Plant
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