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Planning the Perfect Event With Plantz

Jan 30, 2023

Event planning takes a lot of organization and creativity. Whatever the theme, it requires careful planning to put invitees in the right mood to match the event itself. Whether it’s a business gathering or a wedding, the goal is often to provide a stark change of scenery from normal surroundings. It can be elegant, casual, or work-related, and in all cases, attendees should feel like the event is something special. It should create an atmosphere they don’t get in their daily routines, and the decorations and preparations to achieve that goal can be expensive and complicated.

But they don’t have to be.

Plants are natural, beautiful set pieces that transform an area into a desired theme almost instantly. They provide an array of rich colors in varied shapes, while also tapping into our innate attraction to nature and other living things. Plants purify the air; they improve our moods and offer an attractive backdrop to whatever occurs at the event. They’re easy to buy or rent, easy to set up, easy to move, and easy to return when the event is over. And utilizing real, living plants provides a sense of quality and legitimacy to the surroundings. You’ll notice, and attendees will notice. Plants are the perfect addition to your special event, as long as you choose the right ones.

Picking the Right Plants

To find the right plants for your event, it’s important to know what you want them to do for you. Do you want to create a lush backdrop for a speaker? Add a bit of color to a seating arrangement? Provide something exotic that will stimulate creative discussion? Any and all of these goals can be accomplished with plants.

They can serve practical purposes as well. Plants can be used to subtly separate larger spaces, set natural boundaries for a gathering, help guide traffic to and from the event, or designate certain areas for relaxation. In those cases, visitors might not even recognize their utility, even as they admire their beauty.

The plants you choose should match the theme of the event. For example, if you’re looking for splashes of vibrant color, orchids and bromeliads can do the job nicely. Or an event that calls for large, eye-catching floor plants might be best served by the Foxtail Palm or Ficus Alii. Pick the right plant, and your event goes to the next level.

That goes for table decorations and background foliage as well. Different areas within the same event space can have different looks based on what plants you choose, and whatever theme you’re trying to coordinate, there’s a plant that fits the aesthetic perfectly.

Picking Your Event Partner: Plantz.US

If you’re pressed for time, and you don’t know a Weeping Fig from a Yucca, how can you incorporate the beauty of plants into your event? You’ll need the right partner who can answer questions, make suggestions and help get you what you need on time.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. For decades, has been a destination for individuals, decorators, organizers, and anyone who wants to incorporate plants into a space. We have plants available to buy or rent, and can walk you through the steps to get the right look for your special event. Simply let us know what type of event you’re planning, and your goals as far as décor and atmosphere. Our experienced team will get to work providing you with options, and offering suggestions tailored to your individual needs and budget. They’ll also provide tips that will help ensure success based on assisting many similar events over the years. Whether you’re ready to rent plants, you’re still in the planning stages, or you’re not sure where to start, contact us with your questions and ideas and we’ll be happy to help.

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