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Plant Rental FAQs

Jun 24, 2015

Yes, we offer plants for you to rent! If you are having an event and want to add a little extra color, or liven up the office with some flair to the environment, here is what you need to know.

What is your Rent a Plant service?event-plants

Our “Rent a Plant” service offers unique planning and service that meets your specific needs. You won’t get any service, charges, or hassle that you don’t need.

We can transform a drab and boring locale into a beautiful tropical landscape or into a bright and professional meeting setting.

Which plants are available to choose from and how do I get mine?

Here at PLANTZ, our motto is “any plant, any place, any time.” What that means is that any plant we have available for purchase on our website is available for you to rent!

If that is not convenient enough, we also do all the hard work to get them there, set them up, keep them looking fresh through the end of your event, and haul them away when it’s finished!


Why are fresh plants even worth having at my events?

Not only do our beautiful lively plants help to brighten a room, they also help to create the decorum and atmosphere that your guests will love.

Plant rental is much more cost efficient than purchasing your own floral decorations that may end up wilting in the middle of you walking down the isle! Which is terribly depressing, and a waste of money that could be spent toward a golfing trip or buying those heels you’ve been dying for.

rental plants at RNC convention

Okay, so, you have me hooked. But what if I don’t have natural light?

We offer tons of plant rentals that not only grow, but thrive in low or artificial light! These plants are generally low maintenance and can ensure if your weeklong, underground party of vampires doesn’t have many windows, you’ll still be full of beautiful foliage to “brighten” up the room in a way that even they will enjoy.

What happens if my plant starts to die?

Oh no! While we never expect this to happen, the attentiveness of our trained staff and our commitment will work to keep your plants looking great.

If any of your rental plants do seem a little droopy, all you have to do is contact us as soon as possible and we will send out or experts to assess how we best can ensure your plants return to their original beauty and liveliness so your event is a hit.


All right. How do I arrange for PLANTZ to service my event?

Plant rental is easy! Contact us to set up a meeting to go over exactly what you need and want for your event. We will cover the details on types of plants, exact locations within the event hall itself to place the plants, and your personal preferences within the rental process.

We will write up our detailed plant rental solution and once you have given the okay on all specifications, we will ensure our best efforts in to making your plants look just as good when your event is over as it did before it started!

Call us today to speak with our plant rental experts to add our event plants as the perfect finishing touches to any location.


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