Plant Wall Popularity


This is the 21st century, we are no longer confined to the idea that if you are going to decorate a plantscape that all the plants have to be in pots. We are ready and prepared to do crazy and wild things with our planting. What we are talking about is plant walls. Plant walls, or vertical gardens like the cool and hip kids like to call them, are very popular as of late, and can really bring some appeal to your office, or company lobby.

Plant Walls Have Full Design Capability

plant wall over sofaWhat makes plant walls so interesting is the how innovative they can be. They can really be used to its full potential because of surface you are using. You are not on the ground and you do not take up any space so essentially is like a canvas to paint… just with plants and flowers.

A boring white wall will never be noticed if it has a sheet of plants picked specifically to look like a certain design pattern, or to match a certain color scheme. You can visibly tell the difference of the design because of the location of the plant wall, and your perspective while looking at it.

You are generally used to seeing plants in pots, or built in mulch gardens in the lobby of different buildings, which is not a bad idea at all, but it is amazing to see the plants in a different way with a plant wall, and that adds so much to a plantscape.

Popular Ideas for Plant Walls

The ideas are ultimately endless when it comes to plant wall design schemes. Much like anything as far as design goes, the contrast between colors and shades of the same color can really bring out the thought that goes into putting up a plant wall.

For example, you might enjoy having dark green ferns scattered throughout your wall piece, but adding in a line of bright yellow or red flowering type plants to mix can make your eye gravitate to the piece. This is essentially an art statement so mixing colors well is extremely important. Some plants often demonstrate different shades within in the same species of plant, so if your design idea is to have matching plants, but you are still wanting a variant in the color scheme, perhaps look into how the different shades can extenuate an idea or pattern that you might have in mind.


The Plantz team is no stranger to build state of the art plant walls and if you think having one would add something amazing to your business then give us a call. We would love to talk design with you and get the look you want. Check out our plant wall catalog on our website and see for yourself how different local businesses around the Tampa Bay area have transformed their spaces with beautiful plantscapes.