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Plant Wall Possibilities: See the Latest Green Trends

Mar 1, 2021

Keeping up with the latest trends is hard to do, but when it comes to plants, PLANTZ is here to help. The newest green trend sweeping the plant community is plant walls- taking the beauty and benefits of plants and going vertical with them.

Plant walls- also called green walls, living walls, vertical gardens– are the new indoor plantscapes that are captivating interior designers, offering a practical solution for adding greenery to areas with limited space or for improving the overall aesthetic of your building. Living walls can range in size from small presentations and portraits, such as around a logo or icon, to engulfing entire exterior walls or eliminating those nature-deficient interior spaces your building may have.

Whether incorporating a plant wall to your office lobby or apartment complex, these green walls will be noticed right away and also come with some impressive benefits.

Plant Wall Designs

Each plant wall is individually designed to fit the needs and interior design of your building. In a green wall system, panels are used to hold the growing medium- usually soil, mat, or plastic- and create a vertical surface for the plants.  Most walls incorporate a built-in irrigation system, especially when using a medium other than soil since the classic watering can difficult when maintaining a vertical garden design.

Living walls come in a few different types that are all sure to create a lasting image for your brand. Panel systems can be used in any climate, indoors or outdoors, and have plants pre-grown into the panels. Tray systems are more commonly utilized for living wall indoor displays, where the plants are grown elsewhere and are then inserted into the wall. Freestanding walls are another option that allows you to easily change either the location or the plants, offering a degree of versatility in your design.

Installing a plant wall in your commercial space, whether inside or outside, will create a positive experience for anyone who may encounter the wall. Outdoor plant walls can draw the curious eye of those passing by and lead people to discover your business, while indoor living gardens will fill up some vertical space while creating a unique backdrop for selfies that can have your business location tagged in the post.

Plant Walls
Vertical Garden for Absolut in Amalie Arena

Plant Wall Benefits

 As living walls become more common in lobbies and offices, it’s essential to keep in mind the many benefits that come with installing a vertical garden in your place of business. 

Improved Air Quality

Along with their aesthetic looks, plant walls help purify the air around them by cleansing the environment of harmful air toxins and pollutants. Poor air quality has been shown to have negative effects on people working in the space, including fatigue, sore throat, dizziness, and eye irritation.

Brand Reputation

By creating an impressive and eye-catching office space using plant walls, you can help your business make a good impression of your brand. Installing a living wall shows that your business is environmentally conscious and strives to create a healthier place to visit and work in. It can also impress and attract customers and potential clients!

Improved Productivity

Productivity is essential for the growth and success of any business- and creating a vertical garden is one of the best ways to boost office morale! Having a wall of greenery can increase productivity levels by contributing to enhanced employee moods, better decision-making and innovation, and improved problem-solving.

Noise Reduction

 A plant wall acts as a sound barrier in your building, reducing sound pollution which results in a quieter work environment for all. Plant walls have been used for decades to reduce noise in both commercial buildings and along busy freeways and subways because of their impressive noise reduction capabilities.

Reduced Stress

Surrounding you and your employees with nature can have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Plantscapes in offices are shown to reduce stress by improving blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain activity to those around. They can also increase focus and attention and lead to less absenteeism due to illness.

Well-designed plant walls will not only improve the appearance of your office or building but also improve the health and well-being of your employees and clients. Contact us today to talk to a specialist and learn how to go vertical!

Plant Walls
Living Wall in Restaurant Booth
interior plant wall
Living Plant Wall in Lobby
Plant Walls
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