Plant Walls: A LivePicture for Rakuten

The PLANTZ team has been hard at work spreading happiness to the Tampa Bay area through plants!

Rakuten Marketing recently added some green to their scene in their downtown Tampa offices. A LivePicture plant wall was installed last week adding a living feature that will create some good interest and pump out some oxygen. 

“The customer wanted some add some life to the office and called on us,” said Steve Stanford, president at PLANTZ. “The system comes in a high-quality frame, making it beautiful and sturdy. This trend to go vertical is hot in many of the major markets up north and it’s getting some traction in Tampa now.”

A LivePicture is a unique installment where nature and art converge into one piece. As a modern and stylish addition to any wall, offices and buildings particularly benefit from their natural beauty and overall positive health benefits. The vertical aspect of LivePictures also makes them the perfect additions to indoor areas that are short on space.

If you would like to learn more about LivePictures and plant walls, contact the green team at PLANTZ today!

Rakuten LivePicture Plant Wall