You Can Count on PLANTZ to Deliver!

Stuart Arp greeting guests with new greenery from PLANTZ

Chester Brunnenmyer’s Bar and Grill is hot new spot for food and spirits located in historic downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia – not exactly near any tropical foliage outlets. Nonetheless, the owners, Stuart Arp and Stacy Heath, wanted a special treat to greet their guests at the door and asked PLANTZ for some help.

“We took a look at the location where they wanted to place a plant and decided that a Janet Craig would fit the bill,” said Susan Waltzer, PLANTZ operations manager. “We got the plant, married it with a nice decorative planter and watering system, packaged it up, and left the rest to FedEx.”

The package then landed on Stacy’s doorstep, making the 550-mile trek from Tampa to Blue Ridge in just 2 days.

“We weren’t sure what to do with it,” said Stacy, co-owner at Chester’s. “But PLANTZ sent us a video message demonstrating how to unpack the plant and care for it. It was surprising simple. The plant is now happily greeting guests at our front door.” You can check out our handy how-to video for unpacking and caring for your new plant here!

PLANTZ specializes in developing plant programs to enhance any interior environment – even in Blue Ridge, Georgia. You can call on PLANTZ to deliver office plants, plant rentals, plant maintenance, green walls, and other indoor plant services for a better interior environment.