Plants That Make Great Gifts


amaryllisFinding a unique gift for a friend or family member can be a daunting task. Especially, if you would like to stand out, and look like the person that actually took some time to think about a great gift. Something that is better than just a t-shirt, or card with some cash in it.

Plants can be the perfect gift because they can symbolize endearing attributes that a person may have, or they can be a practical gift that you can gauge how much a person may like you if they are able to keep it alive…Whichever reason you go with, consider some of these plants that make great gifts ideas.


These make great gifts for anyone that may not have the greenest of thumbs, or anyone that would appreciate something out of the ordinary. Succulents come in a variety of styles, colors, and species, but they are so easy to care despite its many variants. They do not need much water due to their ability to survive in arid climates like deserts, and they tend to store water in their leaves just in case you forget to water them.

The poster child of this family of neat plants comes in the form of cacti, and most notably the Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe Vera is a gift in of itself because you can use its sap to heal cuts and small burns in addition to giving a potted plant as a gift.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is perfect for that friend of yours that is “hip” and into Feng Shui. And considering its name, it can be used as a gag gift if your friend happens to be a little unlucky at times.

Regardless of the reason, this neat little plant works well as a gift because you do not have to tend to its soil. That’s because it does not need any. It grows in water, and that means you can get a nice little glass container, add some decorative pebbles and let it live. Just make sure it gets enough sunlight, and watch its water level.


This plant is perfect for the winter holidays and is sold often times as a Christmas decoration. It is a bulb plant that shows off a beautiful red flower between very long leaves.

An interesting fact about this plant is that its bulb can produce colorful blooms for up to 75 years if taken care of properly through placing it in a sunny window and watering it regularly.


Commonly referred to as the Peruvian Lily, this plant happens to be the flower of friendship. It is a perfect gift if you are trying to demonstrate your devotion to a friendship. It also has symbolic meanings of wealth and prosperity, so that’s an awesome added bonus.

It comes in variety of colors that range from white, gold, yellow, and orange, to pink, purple, and red. They need a lot of sun, and water them until their soil is moist, they do die quickly if not cared for properly.

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