Plantz 101: Steps to Get You ‘Good to Grow’


The Basics grow-blog

Do not let the shade of your green thumb fool you. Anyone can become a master gardener, or at least keep some stuff alive long enough to enjoy how they look on your patio. Now, there are a few steps to maintaining a garden or pruning potted plants, and it all begins with picking the right flowers and plants.

For a beginner, you’ll want to make sure you pick plants that are not too ambitious. Pick plants that have similar requirements like watering schedule and how much light each plant needs.

Some easy recommended plants are annuals, which complete a growing cycle in one season. They are easy to grow, and available at any garden center if you do happen to kill one. It’ll make things easier in the long run because after all you do want create something beautiful, not something half dead.

Reel It Back

You’ll want to then think about what your vision is and how you want your deck, or landscape to essentially look like, BUT, know your limitations, especially if you are wanting to do this project by yourself. Thinking small is not necessarily a bad thing. It will be easier to take care of, and give you that experience you are looking for. And it will also clarify if you actually like to garden. It could save you money and time if you are not really into like you thought you might be.

Common Sense

Trying to plant a garden right in the path of where the water run-off is probably not the smartest idea. And with Florida being the way it is, it is certainly a flood zone waiting to happen.

Planting plants that can’t handle its soil being waterlogged should not be plants where the land might slope or retain too much water. Adding soil and building a mound in that area can reduce flooding that could kill your plants. Also, like any Floridian knows, we are the Sunshine State, so in between the torrential downpours can be blistering sunshine that can easily dry out and even burn you plants.

Understanding your plant’s needs and their ability to grow in different seasons and weather conditions is vital. Just because Florida acts as if it is summer all year round compared to everyone else, it still has its weird days weather wise, so always remember that.

Here’s the Kicker

So you are actually doing it, right? You have the beautiful garden you wanted. You survived the figuring out how to fertilize, how big of a garden you actually can handle, even irrigated your own yard to route the water run-off away from your hard work. Great! You did it. Everyone can see that. Including the pests. And you thought you were done.

You have a beautiful garden now that happens to look like a buffet. Be careful how you treat this issue. The best way to rid yourself of harmful insects is always be turning your soil and eliminating weeds so that these bugs can’t create a habitat near the roots of your plants. Sprays also work to keep your garden insect free, but be mindful to only use sprays that kill the pests and not the pollinators that can actually keep your garden looking healthy and vibrant.

If you tried all of these steps and failed miserably, or just don’t think you have what it takes to master the “green thumb,” call us at 866-752-6899 and we can help get your garden growing with our plant and landscape maintenance services.

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