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PLANTZ creates living logo for Grow Financial

Jul 5, 2019


How better for Grow Financial to do some corporate branding than with a custom-made presentation of plants and moss? 

“They came to us with a vision for displaying their logo in an interesting fashion,” said Steve Stanford, president at PLANTZ.  “Our green team, led by Keith Lindquist on this project, pulled together elements from different sources and displayed their logo using different shades of moss.  It really turned out well.”

Here’s a quick time-lapse video showing the installation.

Above, Keith, right, and Carter Lindquist with the final product.

Keith is the face of the company when it comes to new business, but he’s also an aspiring artist with some very relevant skills. 

“They wanted their logo displayed in a living plant wall and we figured it out,” Keith says.  “We used reindeer moss to make the logo and flanked it with Picture Walls from GreenLiving Technologies and mounted it on their conference room wall. It’s a cool project and we’re happy we could help them.”

PLANTZ is a Tampa-based plant leasing and landscaping company practicing horticulture for over 400 customers in west-central Florida.  Our mission is to “make people happy with plants,” and living plant walls is certainly a trend for incorporating nature in biophilic design. 

For any of your plant needs, call on PLANTZ to put some green in your scene. 


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