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5 Proper Ways to Weed Your Lawn and Garden

Aug 14, 2015


weeding-gardenNothing is more frustrating than planting a beautiful flower bed, or finish mowing your lawn and the next morning you see a gardener’s worst nightmare: WEEDS! Fortunately, there are ways to take care of these little monsters. All it takes is a little finessing and a little know how. You can’t just go barbarian and weed-whack them into oblivion.

Here are five proper ways to de-weed your lawn and garden.


And mowing often. The reason your yard is getting infested is because it is essentially becoming wild. Clean it up by mowing once a week, or once every four or five days. Especially in Florida, because we all know how quickly Bahia seed sprouts can grow just after a couple days.

The goal you are trying to achieve by mowing often is to reduce the chance the talks grow up to release more seeds into your lawn, because a plant that can’t bloom will not set seeds.


This technique does well in your garden area. A good layer of wood chips can suppress weeds and unwanted plants from trying to grow. It is difficult for them to penetrate the layers of mulch lined up from your soil. Pretty much you are smothering them to death by allowing grass clipping and mulch to compost. It is definitely satisfying.

Light ‘Em Up

Burn those suckers! Let them burn! Every gardener or person that cares about their lawn has thought about pulling out the old flamethrower everyone has in their garage and torching the weeds so they will never come back, but has never tried it. Interestingly enough, you can.

If you are wanting to start fresh with an area that happens to be only inhabited by weeds then fire away. Though do so properly and safely, and make sure you are not doing it near plants you want to keep alive.


Some weeds are tenacious little buggers. They keep coming back and act like the mythical creature called the Hydra. You cut off its head and two more take its place. That is why you need to go for the root. Eliminate where its power source is. It won’t be able to sprout again if the whole thing is in the garbage.

Weed Killers

If the manual stuff is not working that well then go for a liquid killer that will replace its water supply with death. You are essentially poisoning it. Unfortunately, it may very well kill your grass and anything else around the weed also, so perhaps research what you are looking to buy. Get something that is environmentally safe and used deliberately to kill the weeds.

If these techniques did not seem to work, or you are not keen on the whole flamethrower idea, give Plantz a call at 866-752-6899 and we can certainly offer you the assistance you need to maintain a weed free lawn.

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