Succulents: Trendy Fad or Ideal Indoor Plants?


Move over, ferns. You have officially been replaced as the go-to plant for indoor and office decorating. A way cooler plant that is proven to live through even the harshest of neglect has replaced you: the succulent.

So, what exactly is a succulent? Succulents are a family of plants with thick, fleshy leaves that hold and trap water. This makes them easy to care for and really difficult to kill. You can think of them as the camel in the world of indoor plants. As the botanical star of the world of social media, succulents have recently become incredibly popular and are frequently seen in the background of pictures on Instagram and on Pinterest inspiration boards. These tiny spiky plants have transcended high-end décor and have gone viral with people who don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on indoor plants.


There are also many different types of succulents to consider using in your indoor or office decorating, including:

  • Burro’s Tail – With overlapping, grey-blue to grey-green leaves up to three feet long, the Burro’s Tail is the perfect addition to an indoor hanging basket planter. A native of Mexico, this type of succulent prefers medium to high light conditions for best performance.
  • Hens-and-Chicks – Consisting of two similar-looking succulent plants, the Hens-and-Chicks produce small “chicks” – small, identical plants that are slightly offset from the “hen” mother. This type of succulent forms flat, flowerlike rosettes with rounded edges forming in rosettes. Each leaf becomes more flattened and pointed than the next, giving it a flower-like appearance.
  • Jade Plant – The Jade Plant is an oldie, but a goodie. This South African native has been a longtime favorite succulent due to the fact that it is so easy to grow. Its thick stems and glossy, thick green leaves are tinged with red at the end.
  • Crown of Thorns – A popular import from Madagascar, the Crown of Thorns is known to bloom all year long when given enough light. Its spoon-shaped leaves and clusters of flowers grow at the end of spiky branches. The blooms of this plant are known to be red, yellow, or salmon. One must be careful when handling this succulent, as all plants in its family, Euphorbia, contain skin-irritating sap.

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