Supercharge Your Office with the Power of Indoor Plants recently published an article entitled “5 Office-Design Trends to Supercharge Your Workspace.” It went over ways to energize, inspire, and motivate your employees with enhancements or changes to office design, and we were more thrilled to see “Bringing Nature Indoors” included on the list.

Indoor plants are known to be incredibly beneficial to both the mental and physical health of employees. Plants act as natural air purifiers by removing potentially harmful airborne toxins while producing oxygen. This means that by adding indoor plants to the office, several carcinogenic chemicals are filtered from the air, while the risk of cancers, asthma, allergies, and other diseases could potentially be decreased. Productivity levels have been known to increase by as much as 12% just from the addition of greenery.

plantz-plant-walls-home-slide (1)In addition to these incredible benefits, the installation of green walls further improves the work environment. As aesthetically pleasing elements, green walls can brighten and liven up otherwise drab areas and provide an additional space for company branding. They may also lower heating or cooling costs and noise levels as green walls act as a natural form of insulation. Plant walls may also earn buildings LEED points and increase a property’s overall value.

If you are looking for a way to naturally boost employee morale and productivity levels in your office, our office plant specialists are available to assist you in everything from the indoor plant design process, to long-term plant maintenance. We also offer services for the installation and maintenance of plant walls. Contact us to add some beneficial greenery to supercharge your workspace today!