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The Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Office

Jan 15, 2021

For tons of people with a 9-5, the office can start to feel like your second home. Oftentimes the place that we’re spending at least forty hours of our weeks is filled with plain walls, artificial light, and uncomfortable chairs that make the days seem to drag on. Luckily, sprucing up your workplace with some low-maintenance plants is an easy way to make even the dullest offices feel more like a living room!

Bringing some nature indoors can do wonders for improving your office- but how do you decide which plants thrive best as officemates? We’re here to help!

Benefits of Office Plants

Incorporating a little life into your office space is a great way to boost morale while adding a pop of color to even the most boring cubicles. Indoor plants have been shown to improve productivity and concentration, increase creativity, reduce stress, and even uplift your mood!

Plants also remove toxins from the air, making the air quality around you much healthier. This is yet another characteristic of our green friends that boosts productivity in the office. Even NASA has recognized the benefits of having plants in your workspace- in 1989, they conducted a Clean Air Study where they highlighted the most effective air-filtering houseplants and which toxins they each eliminate.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Office Plants


In order to reap all the benefits of sharing your office with a plant, you must first ensure that the plant you’re choosing will thrive in your work environment. The best cubicle pals are usually super low-maintenance – meaning they can tolerate lower light and aren’t fussy if they miss a watering or two.

Does your office have floor-to-ceiling windows with an abundance of sunshine, or do you work in more of a light-challenged environment? Either way, we have an office plant for you, but you should definitely consider the type of lighting your workspace will get first and foremost. Tropical or subtropical plants are often the best suited for office life, which natively grows on the shady forest floor with a thick canopy above them. Better yet have our team of specialists evaluate your office and create an indoor plantscape plan that will ensure we enhance your interior design with happy plants that will thrive in each area.  Click here to see more about our office plant design services.

A plant’s growth rate is another factor that you should be cautious of. Typically, people prefer a plant that doesn’t grow very fast as most fast-growing plants require a lot of maintenance. You don’t want a plant that is going to quickly expand and intrude upon other parts of your space, and you don’t want to worry about its upkeep on top of your already never-ending workload. But the benefit of having our team care for your plant is you can get the plant you want and let us worry about the maintenance.

5 Best Low-Maintenance Plants for the Office

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a bright office or you’re stuck with a gloomy cubicle, these plants are all sure to spruce up your space without adding any additional stress to your days.

  1. ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, nicknamed the EZ-ZZ here at PLANTZ, is so easy to take care of that killing it would actually be hard. Its easy-care routine includes a moderate amount of indirect light, barely any water, and very little attention. The ZZ isn’t fussy, either- if you forget to water for a few weeks, it’s quick to forgive and bounces right back after a nice dose of H2o.


  1. Snake Plant

These air purifying vertical plants need very little care, making them the perfect fit for even the busiest of offices. They require little sunlight and only need to be watered about once a month- so you can wet it and forget it! The Sansevieria thrives in dry soil, so just make sure the soil dries out between waterings and you’re good to go.


  1. Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is known for its tall, bright greenery and remarkable shade tolerance. While they do grow rather quickly and require a semi-consistent watering schedule, these plants can survive in the artificial office light and are perfect for those with a bigger office. With the right amount of care and attention, the Bamboo Palm can turn any space into a tropical oasis!


  1. Janet Craig

Janet Craig is another fuss-free plant that thrives in the lowest of indoor lights with little attention. Its long, sword-like leaves add life to the dullest of spaces while improving the look and air quality of your office. When you water this plant, make sure the soil dries out between showers- besides that, you can get it and (nearly) forget it!


  1. Lisa Cane

This tall, elegant plant from Hawaii fits well in tight places and is one of the best performers in low-light conditions, making them a top contestant for your workplace. The Dracaena Lisa Cane doesn’t drink a lot of water either- in fact, you could forget to water this baby for a month or two at a time and it won’t miss a beat!


At PLANTZ , we offer the best office plants that will mesh with the interior design (or lack thereof) of any workspace. Choosing the right green office buddy can make your workplace happier, healthier, and more productive overall- contact us today to find the right fit for you! Our specialists are here to not only select and provide the right plants for your office but we will do all the heavy lifting to maintain them on an ongoing basis.

Sansevieria and Fiddle Leaf Fig in open lobby
Snake Plants in Office Lobby








Sansevieria and Fiddle Leaf Fig in open lobby
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