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The Biophilic Design – Wedding, Events, Offices, and BEYOND

Jul 9, 2020

Biophilic Design is all about bringing in living nature from the outdoors into an indoor space giving you a nature vibe throughout the area. This is most commonly done with plants!

Biophilic Design is a hot topic for weddings, events, and even in your office spaces. You can implement it in a multitude of ways, but our favorite is through living plant walls. Whether you work from home, are getting married, have an event to host, or if you are an employer trying to make a better working environment for your employees, any of these options can implement the Biophilic Design and change the whole look and feel of the environment around them. 

This type of style can change the whole landscape of your space. Plants attribute to an area aesthetically and as a health benefit, making them a better choice than your average run of the mill décor. 


Say I DO with PLANTZ

 Wedding trends come and go as the years go on, but you know a trend that never goes out of style… plants. Plants have been used traditionally throughout weddings for years and years, and they have never been a hotter item than now as a décor piece for your picture-perfect bridal moments

Some ways PLANTZ can help you incorporate them into your wedding. 

  • Plant Walls

Incorporate a plant wall into your wedding! You can have this be your ceremony backdrop; around the bar at your reception, the options are limitless; you just have to have an open mind and be ready to get creative! 


  • Plant Rentals 

Rent out plants. Yes, we rent plants, all kinds of plants! You can see your options for rentals on our site and explore which best fits your theme. This is a great way to save money instead of buying décor or greenery; you can rent large scale plants and not have to worry knowing we will deliver them and pick them up when the night is over. EASY PEASY! 


Truly bring the outdoors inside if you are having an indoor reception or ceremony by adding in plants, if your venue is outside, this is the perfect opportunity to create a jungle oasis that will be unparalleled to anything else your guest have ever seen! 


Workspace Plant Home or Office

Plants in your home or office have a variety of benefits that range in mental health and physical health as well. Studies have shown that plants can significantly affect a person’s happiness levels and foster a space where there are 37% less tensions and a complete decrease of anxiety. This decrease in tension and anxiety is especially beneficial within an office space, which commonly are considered high stress level area.

One of the most simple but life changing things you can do as a manager or boss is encourage productivity in the work place, fostering a space that is full of life and individuals with a strong work ethic. What if there was a way you could increase that energy just by having a safer and more aesthetic place for your employees to work in. It literally is that simple when you incorporate the Biophilic Design and the use of house or office plants can help reduce natural fatigue in the space by 38% as well, increasing creativity and productivity by at least 15%. That means no more lazy and sleepy moods when you are trying to get stuff done. Plants have a natural way of genuinely inspiring people, and they also make people want to let their creativity run wild and rampant making you more alert and ready for whatever action is coming your way.

The environments we place ourselves in can be one of the most influential factors that determine your motivation, and plants can make you want to accomplish more and reach for the sky. By having plants around, you are crafting an environment that shifts the mindset of yourself and those around you putting yourself in a better headspace to get stuff done and accomplish your goals, making work feel a whole lot more comfortable as well.


Healthy Life Healthy Work  

This one is a big deal, let’s talk about health benefits that plants can offer. Your health, and in the case of an office, your employee’s health should be essential for you. Why? Well, healthy people produce a couple of things. When you are staying healthy it means you have the need for fewer sick days. When you are taking less sick days, naturally more work out of the year being done. We discussed an increase in productivity, well this goes hand in hand with procrastination. You will see far less procrastination out of yourself and out of your team if they are happy and healthy in a good mind set. With this increase in productivity and decrease in time off you are now able accomplish more goals in a shorter period of time, but with the same quality level of work if not more.

Healthy minds are key, but so are healthy bodies. So it is a great thing to hear that indoor plants can help promote that level of health. Many indoor plants can help reduce dust and bacteria in the air. At the same time, the plants are also helping healthy air circulation, so this is extremely beneficial if you are ever working in a confined area, have cubical desks, or are working in the same space as a multitude of people.

Scientists say that for every three people in the office you should have the match of one plant. This leaves us with a three to one ratio that will help reduce the carbon dioxide levels by at least 20% in the enclosed area. That being said though, the more, the merrier! Make your office a trendy jungalow, one that you an any of your colleague will never want to leave.


More on the Design

The Biophilic Design goes beyond just plant life though. There are a multitude of other elements to consider that can make the space more Biophilic Design driven and make you the trendiest guy or gal in town.

Choose spaces that possess windows and natural light. People commonly unhappy with their lives and jobs work in enclosed spaces with no sunlight and no picturesque nature to look at. Picking places to work with light and windows, proper airflow, and views of natural landscapes outside increase desire to be at work and productivity, not to mention they are all excellent factors for the plant’s health as well; we call that a win-win scenario! Who knew that humans were a lot more like plants than we ever realized when it comes to the essential needs to live!? Just give us some water, some light, some nutrients, and we are ready to be put to work and be productive as can be.

Your office space can be a determining factor for people wanting to work with you in the future. This could be with new clients coming in and out but also can be a factor in new hires choosing you over your competitors. Currently, 47% of workers have no natural light, and 58% have no plants in the workplace. Out of those places, there is less employee retention for the companies that do not have natural light or plants in the office. Turnover employee rate can be detrimental to a business and keep the business from getting things done and being profitable and efficient. Take that into consideration when determining your office space and where you decide to keep your employees.

Beyond the plant aspect, you can also implement the Biophilic Design by just adding any greenery to help evoke the design style. That could include a plant wall! A living breathing plant wall sounds incredible, and guess what… Here at PLANTZ, we can also do plant wall installations, going beyond just selling indoor plants. Have a wall space that is empty and could use some livening up *pun intended*.

Plant walls can give you a fresh and modern look to show off to potential clients, but it still has the same health and productivity benefits that the actual plants in potters would. This is truly cutting edge in the design work and will make you stand out against other office spaces. Now add in some nice water features or natural materials like wood or stone, and your space is transforming right before your eyes into the picture-perfect Biophilic Design model. Some water features you could consider are mini fountains or an aquarium. These types of things bring even more of the natural elements indoors and boost the nature vibe to an entirely new level.


Now you can see that the Biophilic Design goes approve and beyond what you could have ever imagined and can be implemented in a variety of ways. Looking for office plants? Checkout for any plants to purchase. Need rentals for events or weddings, has you covered. Those were just some of the reasons why the Biophilic Design should be your next revamp idea not only around your office but in your home and at all of your future events!


Plant Walls

Plant Walls
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